1. T

    Patio sub base screw up

    I'm building a 4x4m patio for the back garden, so the load will be light, no vehicules or anything like that. Some of it's going on top of old concrete, some of it I've dug away the top soil and intend to put a sub-base down. The intention is 100mm of sub base (or the pre-existing conrecte) then...
  2. F

    Temporary patio

    Hey, I’ve got some of the basic square paving slabs and want to extend what patio we already have. I just want an easy, basic way of laying these. Can I just dig up the grass and lay the flags or will I need to put sand underneath? I don’t want to spend a lot of money just for this temporary...
  3. L

    Patio Drainage Questions

    Hi We have a rear extension with bi-fold doors and now need to fit our patio. We'd like to have the patio close to the level of the door step - i.e. higher than the "2 bricks" below damp course. I'm reading on the internet that I really need to install a soakaway 5m from the house, in the...
  4. R

    Can I use sand came underneith old patio for cement mix

    Hi, We have removed some of the old stone patio which was layed on top of a sand bed. (the patio could be about 20-30 years old). I need to create some cement mix to lay some new patio elsewhere in the garden. I am planning to use as mortar bed. My question is , can I just use this sand...
  5. J

    Indian sandstone patio stains/marks

    Hi all, I had an Indian Sandstone patio laid last year. Everything looked fine to start - we left it around 4 weeks and then sealed it whilst there was good weather. After sealing it, we saw that many of the slabs had these strange markings on them which weren’t previously visible before the...
  6. M

    Laying decking on an old raised patio

    We have a very tired and uneven raised patio of approx 40m2 in our garden that goes from the kitchen down to a retaining wall with steps. Initially we planned to install a new patio including the rebuilding of the retaining wall as it has sunk a inch or two on one side. Not including the...
  7. moore005004

    price of new patio

    Hi, I want a patio laying using kandla grey natural stone paving, I will need the old patio and some of the grassed area removed, the area is 32sqm anyone have any rough idea as to how much I will have to budget for to get this done I'm in the UK. Cheers.
  8. R

    Laying new patio, need help with lintels

    Hi, I hope the pictures have attached themselves so you can have a look. Starting to sort my garden out in my new house. Needs levelling and raised retaining beds installed. The channels you can see in pictures is me sorting out the levels (excavating the ground next week with just me, a...
  9. S

    bridged damp course?

    Having problems with damp on one wall of our Victorian semi. Chemical injection carried out in 2013 by Peter Cox still under guarantee. Only moved in 6 months ago and been quoted silly money for tanking the whole of the downstairs by a damp specialist. Could the patio be a potential issue, I...
  10. M

    Best mortar/concrete base for pedestal supported patio - thin slab

    Hi I'm looking for advice on the recipe to use for concrete. I'm about to lay the concrete slab on which I'll fix my 30mm thick, large, rectified stone slabs using pedestals. The pedestals are needed to overcome multiple problems of levels and drainage. It will be laid on top of block and...
  11. Joehasapatioproblem

    White marks on new porcelain patio

    Hi! Hope to get some advice on a problem.. Had an outside patio layed 3 months back. Marshalls Symphony Black which is a vitrified porcelain slab. With brush-in jointing compound on a solid concrete bed. About a month after it was laid I cleaned it with a mixture of warm water and fairy...
  12. M

    Patio above damp proof course?

    Does the patio in this picture look ok? There's a strip of gravel between the slabs and the wall, but I think this is above the DPC; anything to be concerned about? I'm not sure where the DPC is tbh, or if having gravel above it is ok.
  13. A

    Window and Patio door reveal damp problems

    I recently bought a 1930 semi detached property with cavity walls which had new DG windows and patio doors installed 7 years ago (10 year warranty still valid). I am having two separate but linked issues: - Severe dampness and mould along right side of patio door (attached image ). There is...
  14. M

    Patio above dpc -- landscaper wants to use lead flashing...

    Hi, Is it ok to protect a DPC by chasing in lead one course above it and laying patio up to it? Any hints on how to do it? Landscaper has built a 120mm reinforced concrete raft for a patio to replace part of an existing patio (it's 3 ft above garden level but same level as kitchen). The raft...
  15. bettz1

    Remove mortar stains Indian sandstone

    Hi any advice on what I could use to remove a few mortar stains from the edges of Indian sandstone kandla grey? I bought some bostik mortar remover which a few people recommended watered down but noticed it says not to use on sandstone :mad::cry: Any idea?
  16. leaf17

    Laying Patio Over Filled In Pond

    Hi all, I've started working on a 3x6 metre porcelain patio out the back of our house. I've dug out to around 150mm below finished paving level (with 1 in 60 fall away from house) so now ready to get 100mm of MOT type 1 whackered in. There used to be a wee pond about 2x2 metres big to one side...
  17. M

    Extending raised Patio

    Hello, we have been going round in circles deciding what to do with our front porch area and I think we have finally finally decided what do to. We have a raised patio outside our font door which needs redoing. It has a concrete slab underneath Im thinking to edge the slab with sleepers, we...
  18. S

    Newly laid patio with Indian sandstone with marks appearing

    Hi I’ve recently had a sandstone patio laid on compacted type 1 with wet bed by a landscaper. The last few days white marking is appearing on the slabs, if the slab is wet, these marks appear back really quickly, has anyone any idea what they are, what caused them and if they can be removed...
  19. C

    Clay pipes under new patio

    Hi, I am replacing a concrete patio, and carefully removed the concrete and material, which has exposed all the clay pipes. I will be looking to replace with limestone paving. So some of the pipes are close to the surface as you can see in the photo. The area is approx 35sq m. So I am thinking...
  20. S

    Ground level changes and DPC. My project house!

    Good evening I am after a bit of advice regarding patio replacement and ground level if anyone would be kind enough to share their thoughts. I have owned this place for a couple of years now and I knew it was a project! Constructed in late 1970s and sold on 3 or 4 times. The original builders...