blocked drains

  1. M

    Air lock

    Hi everyone, I am having a problem with my wet room drain, it’s air locking. If you pump it few times, the water drains, leave it few minutes and turn the water on again and it stops draining. I was advised it is air lock and it needs an AAV valve, the problem is it’s a wet room with linear...
  2. E

    Blocked Double / 1&1/2 sink water trap

    Hi all! I've recently moved and the home I moved into has a kitchen sink with a 1&1/2 bowl kitchen sink. I have a 1&1/2 kitchen sink bowl. The 1/2 sink waste is completely blocked and doesn't drain at all. The full sink bowl runs with no problem whatsoever. I've removed all the pipes from...
  3. A

    Toilet frequently getting blocked

    An unsavoury topic, perhaps, and I apologise in advance to anyone who may have eaten recently! Our downstairs toilet seems to suddenly have started blocking very frequently. I've bought a toilet plunger, which never fails to shift the "material", and it'll be fine for a few days, then blocks...
  4. R

    Endoscope down blocked toilet

    Our toilet is often blocking up. I was wondering if it was worth pushing an endoscope like this down to see if I can find anything, before getting a plumber out. The cord has some stiffness. I am...
  5. M

    Unblock external gully drain (Possible solution) Opinions and advice please.

    Hi Guys, The outdoor garden drain is blocked quite severely with years of fat, oils, grease build etc.. Most likely from the previous owner of the home, with the addition to my own. The problem started as I noticed my kitchen sink was not allowing water to drain and was coming back up. I...
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