blocked pipe

  1. E

    Blocked Double / 1&1/2 sink water trap

    Hi all! I've recently moved and the home I moved into has a kitchen sink with a 1&1/2 bowl kitchen sink. I have a 1&1/2 kitchen sink bowl. The 1/2 sink waste is completely blocked and doesn't drain at all. The full sink bowl runs with no problem whatsoever. I've removed all the pipes from...
  2. M

    Unblock external gully drain (Possible solution) Opinions and advice please.

    Hi Guys, The outdoor garden drain is blocked quite severely with years of fat, oils, grease build etc.. Most likely from the previous owner of the home, with the addition to my own. The problem started as I noticed my kitchen sink was not allowing water to drain and was coming back up. I...
  3. M

    My resolved problems with central heating and hot water

    I have a y plan open vent system as below And I had the following symptoms initially for a period of months which gradually got worse 1) The central heating would occasionally not work 2) Banging on the valve would often cause it to start working, accompanied by some gurgling sounds 3) When...
  4. D

    Cold feed blocked - how much pipe to cut?

    Hi, Today I drained my open vented heating system to change a leaking radiator valve. The system appears to have fully drained - all radiator valves are opened upstairs and downstairs, and the draining water has stopped. The header tank is still full. Research suggests this means my cold feed...
  5. Spike Allibone

    Toilet Waste Outflow

    Hi All! - We had some somewhat mediocre 'handy-man' fit a new toilet and outflow pipe to our bathroom. Since the toilet was moved from its original position, he ran a new outflow pipe in a U shape around the room. To make the bend in order to link up with the original outflow location, the pipe...