boiler failure

  1. T

    weird grinding/howling/airplane boiler noise, appears only when Hot Water is demanded..NOT kettling!

    Hi all, as perhaps this is my 100th post about something related to out kitchen renovation, I won't start this post by saying "we are doing a kitchen renovation..." Our Vokera EasiHeat Plus25C, a three or four years old combi boiler, has been temporarily decommissioned (three months)...
  2. D

    Vaillant 242 Boiler

    Hi all, I am having some problems with my Vaillant 242 boiler, it doesn not seem to ignite anymore. I have attached a video as well. Any advice is much appreciated. Regards, Daniel
  3. C5VHB

    Logic 24 combi boiler problem

    Hi, I have a Logic 24 Combi boiler. I have started having issues with the heating a couple of days ago when I realised the CH was not heating the radiators as much as it used to. I thought this may have been down to the pressure and tried to increase it slightly because it was on 1 bar and im...
  4. L

    Alpha CB28 troubles - ask for an advice

    I would be hugely grateful for some help with my boiler - Alpha CB28. It has some failure - it's trying to star when the water in on - sound like trying to start a fire but it goes off after 1-2 sec. Somebody advised that it could be a circuit board and that its probably better to put a new one...
  5. A

    No pressure on boiler Alpha HE CB33 Please help!

    Hi, can someone please advise me on how to increase the pressure back up on my boiler? I have no hot water or heating. I cant see any valves on my filling loop to turn. I have attached a picture of the filling loop, if someone could please please tell me what to do to get the pressure back up...
  6. J

    Worcester 24i RSF boiler pressure causing shutdown

    Exchanged the pressure relief value today but now when we put the heating on the pressure won't stop rising and boiler is shut down by safety switch. Pressure stays constant when heating off so have hot water but as soon as heating goes on it just shuts down. Any ideas please.
  7. C

    Boiler repair - Fixed

    Hi all, I'm hoping that one of you lovely experts can help. My boiler is a potterton suprima 50l (with the new PCB 5111603). It only comes on every now and again (I think when it's fully cold) and then cuts off after a couple of hours or so. The light is flashing Orange/Green which in the...
  8. J

    Rayburn 355sfw Heating; removal of fire bricks

    Hi all We have recently installed a second (at least third) hand rayburn 355sfw and I am getting to grips with efficiently heating the rads. On re-reading the user manual it suggests removing the boiler side and back firebricks for winter heating use. I have done this but the bricks have broken...