boundary wall

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    Render thickness dispute

    Hi, newbie here and a foreigner too, so bear with me as I'm trying to explain the issue My neighbour wants to render their extension, which happens to be a boundary wall going into my back garden. Very narrow back garden, may I add. Before I go into the actual question I want to clarify that I...
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    Crazing on boundary walls

    I bought a newly built house nearly 3 years ago, part of a 5 house development. Mine is the first house in a row of the 5 houses and has a back boundary wall and 1 side boundary wall. - The back boundary was a new wall which runs behind all 5 houses, is capped and is not painted. - The side...
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    Earth bank not stable - backs onto council tennis court.

    Across the back end of my sons flat garden there is a 5ft earth bank drop leading onto a mud path and tennis courts. The earth bank has become soft at the top and will not hold a boundary fence, so we had a strong fence 4" posts 3ft deep built about 18" inside the boundary. The council have...
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    Fences and boundaries

    Hi, Chapter 1 - The Fence and the Boundary When we bought our place we were left a note by the previous owner to let us know that they believed that it was our responsibility to look after the fence on the LEFT of the house. However, several years ago, the neighbour on the left removed the...
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    Boiler flue exit towards our property ally way- Buying a property

    I'm in the process of buying a property. The legal process is currently going on. Neighbor was doing the two floor extension over their garage when we put the offer for buying the property next to them (left side). We just went for the second viewing recently and noticed that their extension has...
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    Boundary wall / Building face regs

    Hello, I am buying a new build, the neighbouring property is being built very close, so the wall of the house is right on the boundary so is used as a fence. However, I have just noticed there is a window being built withing the neighbouring building face for an ensuite. This will open directly...