1. eveares

    20A BS1362 Fuses!

    Link's below, anyone fancy buying them and testing to see what current on average they fail at. Now I knew there were dangerous and non compliant 15A BS1362 style fuses on the market, but now we seem to have 20A rated BS1362 style fuses to! :D...
  2. eveares

    BS1362 Dissmann Fuses - Genuine or Fake?

    Picked these up at a local corner shop. Never heard of Dissmann, but I guess there's many makers of compliant (and certainly not compliant) BS1362 fuses. What's your opinion on the Fuses below? Possible knock-off clone of Bussmann fuses? 1 by eveares posted 11 Sep 2016 at 9:47 PM 2 by eveares...