1. Kesterlester

    Bubbles appearing regular as clockwork but only after boiler turns gas off ... why?

    We have an open vented S-plan system with an old (but ultimately quite reliable) Ideal Classic NF50 gas boiler. This is one of those older systems where a small controller is in charge of the two zone valves, the pump and the power to the boiler. When one (or both) valves are open and the pump...
  2. T

    rising damp, penetrating damp, percolating damp, who else wants to get creative?

    As you can see from this first picture, we are having a massive infiltration problem around the chimney breast. To give some general information, we are at the ground floor of a two storey Victorian house. To the right of the picture there is the external wall. We have been living in the...
  3. S

    Help! GRP roof is bubbling 6 months on?

    Guys I decided to embark on a DIY bay window GRP roof....never again. Anyway it looked fine and more importantly it's been waterproof ever since. Fast forward 6 months, I have just noticed bubbling on one side? I have no idea why and hope you guys can help. Will it be fine? No water leaking...