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    Cracks in Brickwork

    Hey guys, looking to buy this as my first home, and on the homebuyers report the surveyor mentioned; Some repairs are required to the wall surfaces including spalled brickwork and repairs are required. The property has been affected by past structural movement, evidenced by cracking to wall...
  2. J

    Flooring and carpet buying advise

    Hi, I`m after around 80smq of engineering wood floor and some piece of carpet. I`m based in Essex. Do anyone have some advise on a good website or physical shop for good and reasonable price?
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    Help on bankruptcy restriction on properties buying. Any advise would help

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right page. Admin please feel free to ove under appropriate section. Basically I'm ready to exchange contracts but start to feel unsafe. The house we are going to purchase had a bankruptcy restriction and bankruptcy notice on the title which were removed after the...
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    Composite door - where to buy, supply and fit

    I’ve been quoted £1600 (fitted) for a new composite front door, nothing fancy, plain white with large glass panel. It has a side light and top light which bumped the cost up by £400. I’ve been to two local double glazing shops and think that’s the going price. It needs to be measured and...