1. K

    Would you buy a cob house?

    Hello Forumgoers. My partner and me are in a bit of a pickle regarding a potential house buy. We like the house and the location and can afford it but the one snag is that the house is cob. I realise this means it is basically a big mud hut and worry about how much of a future maintenance...
  2. J

    kitchen buying advise on brand

    We are looking to replace the old and rotten kitchen with a sparking brand new one. Any advise on some brand with good quality price? Any idea and experience is welcomed Thanks
  3. J

    Flooring and carpet buying advise

    Hi, I`m after around 80smq of engineering wood floor and some piece of carpet. I`m based in Essex. Do anyone have some advise on a good website or physical shop for good and reasonable price?
  4. D

    Best place to buy exterior door from stock in Nottinghamshire

    Hi all need to buy a door to replace an old crumbling garage side door, where is the best place to get one from please?
  5. J

    Stair step crack on house looking to buy

    I am looking to buy a house but on the rear on there are quite a few cracks / stair step cracks, pictures attached. I want to get a surveyor or structural engineer to check prior to proceeding but which person would be best? Do you think I should avoid the property as it will cost quite a bit...