1. Dan604

    Smart Light Switch no neutral - do I need to install capacitor?

    Hi All, I purchased a Moes 1 Gang smart switch (no neutral). Switch is installed and working fine with my led fitting without the supplied capacitor installed. My question is: Is it essential to install the capacitor at the fitting if the lights aren't flickering at all or is it ok to use...
  2. S

    How to get to the brushes on Karcher K2.94M?

    Karcher K2.94M is not working - it buzzes when switched on but the motor doesn't want to turn. Have tried a new capacitor but still the same. No air lock. Was going to check the motor brushes but I can't get at them as there seems to be a protective shroud over the motor. See pics. Looking down...
  3. A

    Swimmin pool pump - replace capacitor

    I need to replace the capacitor, but I have no idea about the diagram to plug the wires. Could someone give some advice? cheers
  4. eveares

    Over sensitive non-contact voltage indicator or normal behaviour?

    Is my Di-Log PL107N Voltage Indicator over sensitive or are all similar non contact voltage indicators/detectors what rely on the principle of capacitive coupling going to detect unwanted sources and give false positives like featured in the video? Regards: Elliott.
  5. Lucid

    Honeywell ST9400C programmer - component faults or something else

    I'm not a heating engineer so please forgive if I get some of the terminology wrong. There's a problem I'm trying to troubleshoot. I have a CH/Water system with a conventional boiler, hot water cylinder, pump, 3-way motorised valve, and a gas boiler. The boiler is an Ideal Icos HE18 (18HE?)...
  6. eveares

    Zapped by 14.5μF capacitor charged to 240V RMS!

    Long story short, the other day I unwired the controller from a small mains hoist as it was being temperamental. I had already ruled out the the limit switches on the hoist it's self. Today I went to look at the controller and thus ran some basic continuity tests on the controller and the short...
  7. eveares

    Little Pop or will hand get blow off if I plug this in?

    Going to do and film it remotely for safety, however how much danger would one be in by plugging the below contraption in to a socket? How dangerous? by eveares posted 15 Jan 2017 at 8:12 PM Regards: Elliott.
  8. J

    Stuart Turner Shower Pump Spare Parts

    Individual spare parts are no longer available directly from Stuart Turner who only sell complete service kits I bought a 7uf starter capacitor for a Showermate 1.4 (installed 2007) from for £15. aquaflowproducts sell a complete range of spare parts for Stuart Turner...