1. S


    Hi all, Hoping for a little bit help. I am installing a wired home network in my house and I have used some cat5e and some cat6 cable I got for free. Some of it is shielded and some not purely because that it was I had. I am a the point where I am about to start fitting the RJ45 connectors and...
  2. S

    New Build What Cable for AV stuff

    Hi all, I could really do with some help please as my mind is going to explode due to an overload of cabling options :eek: I'm still building my house (10 years in! :rolleyes:) and have recently put the first fix cable in for my security cams, my network and my security alarm and I now need...
  3. eveares

    Flexible Galvanised Conduit Outside?

    I need to run some external grade Cat5e cable (that I already have) up my garden to my shed, however I need to protect it from being destroyed by Foxes and other wildlife. I am considering running it in 20mm flexible galvanised conduit, and am wondering if the galvanised conduit will stand up...
  4. S

    Residential CCTV Help

    Hi all, Hoping for some help with planning my new self build home CCTV system. I am currently doing the first fix and I need to decide on the type of cable I should be fitting. I already have loads of shotgun coax and cat5E cable so ideally would like to use one of these however if using cat6...
  5. S

    Running Power and CAT6 to Garden Office

    Hello all We would like to run power and ethernet to a recently constructed garden office (actually a log cabin). Distance to the main house is approx 50m. There is a spare 32 amp on the existing consumer unit. The cable run can be partially buried, but would need to be along the bottom edge of...
  6. L

    Network with Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 cable

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help. I am planning to re wire the network cables and trying to future proof as well. I was wondering whether there is any difference between cat6 and cat6a cables. Also reading on the internet, users have commented that cat7 is a pain to install and if...
  7. 9

    Need advice on new HD IP CCTV install

    I'm putting together a CCTV system for my parents house from scratch. I've already installed a fair bit of CAT6 cable in the past and I'm able to wire that fairly well and terminate the ends as needed. The house is a typical detached 4 bedroom building and so I think 4 cameras should be more...
  8. I

    RJ45 Data Socket Question

    I want to add an RJ45 socket upstairs and run a cat6 cable from my BT Smart Hub downstairs to this new socket. Could anyone advise if this socket will be compatible with cat6 cable...
  9. eveares

    Are 25mm grid modules a standard size - Will TLC's grid modules fit Screwfix's faceplates?

    Will this module into this face plate? In other words, are grid modules all a standard size. Regards: Elliott.
  10. D

    cost of adding extra sockets to rewire

    Hi, My house is being rewired. In fact most of the plaster has come down. I've been allowed a certain number of double sockets in cost of rewire but need to get some extra sockets put in and also decided to get Cat 6 points put in by most tv points. 1 cat 6 in most rooms and 2-4 in a couple...
  11. eveares

    Upgrade to 6U Data Cabinet- New Patch Panel.

    Just a couple of photos of the 24 Port Coupler CAT 6 Patch Panel that I have just fitted inside my 6U Data cabinet what is located inside my hallway's cupboard. Only paid £33 inc VAT for the patch panel. :D 24 Port CAT 6 Patch Panel and 22 x 0.5m CAT6 Patch cables by eveares posted 16 Feb...