circuit breaker

  1. S

    Central heating system tripping circuit breaker (ed.)

    My central heating system which includes the Potterton Suprima is tripping the circuit breaker. If I switch off the isolation switch ((boiler and control panel), reset the circuit breaker, then switch on the isolation switch again it trips the circuit breaker immediately. Any suggestions?
  2. W

    Type J-F hybrid sockets? Swiss/Eu? What the?

    I have always had an interest in electrical works and have no problems wiring a new plug or working out how to add a new light socket to the circuit etc. I’ve lived in the UK for most of my life and as most know UK follows good rules and regs with wiring. Spain on the other hand... Weird type J...
  3. I

    Modeling the thermal part of the time current curve

    G’ day, I am working on designing protection devices for my research work and I am struggling to model the thermal part for the low voltage circuit breakers based on IEC standards. Based on the standards, the time current curve for types B, C and D are as mentioned on the attached figure. I...
  4. Dave Long

    Why don't my lights work?

    Hi Forum members! I added new electrics to my shed this weekend. All new wiring and components. As per the attached circuit diagram i have wired up what i think is correct; but am not getting any lights to come on. I have checked at the consumer unit i installed in the shed and have 240v out of...
  5. daviwy

    House Electrical Issues

    All, I have an issue with my house and will require some candid advise on what to do, I have recently had issues with different electrical appliances / light bulb / bathroom wiring packing up. If you put 4 bulbs in different areas of the house, you can guarantee that 1 or 2 will blow off...
  6. L

    Electrics/consumer unit problems

    The other day I put a junction box in my lighting circuit. The circuit was off (it was tripped but the circuit breaker was in place), but when I went to turn it on the power wouldn't come back on. Trouble shooting wasn't obvious: power was going into the circuit breaker, it appeared to be...