1. D

    Using Sentinel X400 with heating mostly off

    I've had X400 in for 2 weeks now. It seems to be working, and I've run the heating hot at times during cold snaps, including with one radiator at a time. However, at this time of year the heating is off during the day and not that much at night either. I could drain it now, but want to get the...
  2. G

    Upvc residue cleaner

    Hi all We had some grey upvc french doors fitted last year. The installer left expanding foam stains everywhere so I bought some Soudal foam remover. Having followed the instructions to the letter there was a horrible white residue left on every point I used the remover which looks worse than...
  3. S

    Best way of cleaning CH System

    Hi, I recently installed a new rad and was going to add some inhibitor in the system when I realised the water was very dirty with particles in it. Although everything seems to work ok, I want the system to be set up right to limit the possibility of issues in the future. The products I have...
  4. J

    Ford Focus 2003 1.6 starting issues

    Hi everyone I’m really hoping someone could perhaps just advice me if nothing else. I’ve had my Ford Focus 1.6 petrol 2003 for around 7months and it’s always ran perfect.. last Friday (the 13!) I went to maccies breakfast before work and noticed I needed fuel (probably 10miles left), so I went...
  5. I

    Reality of not using cleaner after installing new radiators in a clean system

    Regarding: Clean sealed central heating system, powerflushed and inhibitor added a few years ago and system water still remains clear as tap water. Question: After cleanly installing a few brand new radiators with no flux, in reality is cleaner really required before fully flushing the system...
  6. GoodOne

    Alternative for acetone?

    Hiya, I am going to re-roof my roof by using fiberglass. I got most of the stuff needed. However, I notice that they use acetone to clean the trim before applying the resins. Can I skip this part or is there any alternative? Thanks,