1. O

    Honeywell CM927 room thermostat and “System Synchronisation”

    Hello, My gas central heating system boiler has two main heating circuits, one for the upstairs and another for the downstairs. Each of the heating circuits are independently controlled using motorised valves which are opened and closed under the control of two Honeywell CM927 room thermostats...
  2. Hounds

    Drayton Wiser replacing ST9100C1006 CM927 CM907 BDR91 Megaflo

    Hi, please can someone help me. I have tried for days but cannot do it. Currently I have 2 zones and hot water run off a conventional boiler. The sytem works perfectly with my ST9100C1006 and the 2 thermostats (CM927, and CM907). I am looking to replace all with Drayton Wiser, mainly for smart...
  3. M

    CM927: heating coming on even when temperature above what set - or when off

    Have seen a fair number of questions about the CM927 Mine is from a house which we bought in February. And all was well. Since putting the heating back on I have had: Heating coming on in middle of night when set to 6 deg Heating coming on in middle of day when thermostat temp is several...
  4. C4rlos81

    Vaillant ecoTEC plus 837, BDR91 to nest Heatlink

    Hi all, I have read through as many similar posts as I can in regards to my dilemma, I couldn't see anything that was similar to mine. I have a Vaillant ecotec plus 837 with a Honeywell BDR91 and CM927. The vaillant is connected by a UK mains plug as opposed to it being hardwired with a 3amp...
  5. A

    Replacing a UP2 controller unit

    Hi, I have just moved home and the new house has a Worcester 30 CDi boiler with a UP2 dual controller. I know it is an upgrade, from my last house, but it feels like a bit of a downgrade. In the old house we had a Worcester 28 CDi and a Honeywell CM927 wireless room stat/programmer. I believe...