cold radiators

  1. jakub742

    Viessmann Vitopend 100-W WH1B heating not working. (Hot water in taps is fine)

    For some reason my boiler stopped heating the radiators, hot water running fine. A month ago when it happened i kinda played around with pressure, i drained few liters of water so it would be at 0, then put pressure to 1 it worked for 3 weeks, then happened again same trick didnt helped. I...
  2. S

    Hot Rads upstairs OR downstairs but not both together. Help

    Hello, We have a Baxi duo tech 40 HE and two weeks ago we noticed that one of our downstairs rads was cold, the next day we lost heat from two more in the lounge. This continued until we lost 6 radiators downstairs. We had our whole system balanced in January and managed to get our kitchen rad...
  3. D

    Radiators with no heat - run out of options

    Hi All, I have read through several forums and tried everything I could see but with no luck. The house has 10 radiators all of which are stone cold. We have a Vailaint ecotec 630 boiler which has sufficient pressure, the pump works and the hot water is fine. The radiator symbol is constantly...
  4. M

    Underfloor Downstairs Hot, Radiators Upstairs Luke Warm: Any Ideas?

    We have underfloor heating on the ground floor of our house (wet underfloor heating system). The upstairs is radiators. Both work off the boiler. We are finding that when the thermastats downstairs and upstairs are both set to heat the whole house, only the ground floor underfloor heating gets...
  5. RunnerPart2

    Two Radiators not getting hot!!!

    Hey All I am trying to figure out my heating system to get two radiators in my house hot. So anyways I’ve blead the whole system, balanced the system and the only time I had a little success is when I turned all the radiators off barring the two that weren’t getting hot which the go but...
  6. RandomUserName123

    Baxi 105e HW always on, no CH..

    Hi guys, seen some good responses on here for my boiler, and I have an issue with mine. Noticed yesterday that my boiler was running, saying it was HW going, no flame. All taps were off. I read about DHW valve (bottom left). The pin came in and out as expected. However, it kept going when...
  7. S

    Downstairs radiators cold

    Please can anybody help me! I've had a new worcester bosch combi 28cdi fitted, new radiators downstairs (one of which used to get hot but doesn't now). Honeywell thermostat, magnaclean. Downstairs radiators are stone cold - not even hot pipes to the rads. No air in the radiators - all bled...