Radiators with no heat - run out of options

21 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I have read through several forums and tried everything I could see but with no luck. The house has 10 radiators all of which are stone cold. We have a Vailaint ecotec 630 boiler which has sufficient pressure, the pump works and the hot water is fine. The radiator symbol is constantly flashing. We are running an unvented HP pressure system with an expansion vessel (white) for hot water. I have bled the radiators and they all have water in and now I am stumped! The only other factor I could think of was I removed a radiator a while back and capped it off but the heating has worked since then. Recently one of the TRV valves was not working but a gentle whack fixed that (and WD40). I have no idea what I am doing but will try anything. There is no engineer for 10 days.:mrgreen::mrgreen:
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