cold roof

  1. J

    Crown roof - warm or cold better?

    Hello, We’re figuring out the design for our crown roof - something like the attached image, where we have a flat part on the top (with appropriate fall to stop water pooling), and then it would be pitched on three sides. Would this kind of roof be better as a cold roof or warm roof? I...
  2. T

    Warm or cold flat roof for concrete deck with overhang?

    Hi, I have a single-skin brick extension with a concrete flat roof from the 50s/60s that I’m getting re-covered. The concrete roof overhangs the exterior by 100-150mm. I’m trying to decide whether to go warm or cold roof. I originally thought warm but now I’m concerned about potential...
  3. J

    Warm vs cold roof extension depth

    Hi, I’m having difficulty finding an answer to what seems a simple question. What is a typical depth for a warm vs cold roof in a rear extension? i.e the measurement from the underside of the ceiling to the top of the roof. Thank you!
  4. DanRobertsB

    Cold roof insulation - general tips and materials recommendations?

    Hi I’m hoping to improve the loft insulation of a cold roof of a large wood clad, timber frame bungalow that is currently poorly insulated and struggles with heat retention. It is currently largely single glazed (I’m working on secondary glazing with Magnetglaze Extreme Pro and 4-6mm Perspex)...
  5. SS-ProjectBuild

    PIR Insulation between rafters - Cold Roof

    Hi Guys, I am about to put in my insulation between the rafters after my electrics first fix, The question being do I put the insulation in so they are flush to the bottom of the rafters or can I put them above my wiring as long as I leave my 50mm air ventilation gap? There will be 50mm pir...
  6. wilco88

    Is this a leak or condensation

    Hi, This is a small flat roof that joins to the house and main pitched roof. Some background info: It has never had any insulation between rafters and doesn't have insulation on top. Timber roof joists/rafters with timber furring. Then plywood and then torch on felt. We discovered the...
  7. A

    Converting flat roof from cold to warm roof

    One of the many little gems I've come across when renovating my house is that my flat roof is a cold roof - the insulation sits directly upon the plasterboard with a gap above between the insulation and actual roof. I'm contemplating converting this to a warm roof as I may as well do it now...
  8. J

    Vapour control layer confusion...

    Not sure where to post this query, but hope someone can help. I've mostly built a garden studio, insulated, cladded and now onto the internal finish with the vcl, but am unsure how to approach the electrical sockets, window frames and doors. How do you get around sockets, frames, fixings for...
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