cold water feed

  1. B

    Megaflow, water mains split direct and to the kitchen

    Hi experts, Need your advice/opinions. after a flood (unrelated to mega flow) contractors re-install the mega flow system into our loft conversion. its seem ok.. BUT after the gargles last year and this year a few times, which I fix it with by Recharging, I realized today when I switch off...
  2. yolodanbo

    No cold water to sink and toilet

    Hi there, I’m looking for some advice and posting on behalf of my old man. On Saturday night, we realised that the shower was only giving out hot water. We went into the loft and discovered that loft insulation had fallen into the water tank. We got most of it out, but there was still no cold...
  3. C

    Cold water feed round soil stack

    I'm a reasonably competent DIYer. Pic shows current configuration of toilet in downstairs cloakroom. We are planning a refit with all new fittings, decor, etc. Obvs, but soil stack is in right hand corner. I'm going to box-in new cistern to hide soil pipe from loo and install a back-to-wall...
  4. A

    Configure Cold Water Supply for Washing Machine

    Hi, I have an Indesit washing machine that only uses cold water feed. It was connected to the cold water mains under the kitchen sink from a a copper T with flex. The kitchen has a concrete floor. I would like to move the machine into a boiler room that separates the kitchen and bathroom...