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    What finished thickness tile adhesive is usual? Notch size etc

    6.5thk 150x150 (147x147) bathroom wall tiles. Is there a specific size notch trowel for lighter tiles, what thickness finished adhesive thickness would it give? Just trying to get an idea what combined tile+adhesive thickness would be. Thank you
  2. S

    Combine PP & PD

    hi Im new to this website. I hope someone can help me on this stressful situation... I bought a bungalow and applied PP for 2 side ext, rear ext, 3 w dormers . this application refused because size of dormers . Then i have been told to apply PP for side extensions and rear extension + raising...
  3. J

    Broadband and Telephone - separately wired into house.

    An older installation has an old connection box inside the house with 1 incoming common cable, from B.T.'s outside pole. There are then 2 separate cables from this connection box, 1 is to an old, extension plate for broadband and another adjacent, old extension plate for the telephone. There is...