concrete block

  1. D

    How can I build this column?

    Hello, I am currently replacing my garage door. I would like a door and a window There is a part which divides the window and the door, there is a column and I’m wondering how I can make a column from 4 inch concrete block. The width of the column is the width of the concrete block, and I’m not...
  2. D

    Thermolite vs concrete block?

    Hello I am currently converting my garage and replacing the garage door with a window and a the door. I have finish the foundation. I called up merchants to make an order for blocks and bricks etc…. He asked me which block, thermo lite or concrete block? I am not sure. I am going to...
  3. S

    Plastic closer by door sill (Ed.)

    Hi I’m in the process of laying wood flooring and after taking up the carpet and underlay I found the screed and concrete on the floor inside the front door was crumbling away. I’ve cleared it up and found this plastic item which was filled with concrete. Can anyone tell me what this is and...
  4. S

    Retaining wall and beds - K-Rend tips

    Hi, Landscapers have built a new retaining wall, steps and raised beds. Retaining wall is lined with DPM and weep holes at bottom. It’s going to have K Rend. I’ve got a few questions before they get started with this stage to ensure it lasts as long as possible. I will ask them too but I know...
  5. P

    Identifying concrete blocks (CMU)

    Hello, this is a house in UK, built in the early '70s. Some parts of the outer walls are made of concrete blocks. I suppose they are one of the common types: e.g., aggregate, lightweight or aircrete, but I'm not sure which one. I would like to know in order to buy the appropriate...
  6. S

    Rectangle hole in block wall

    I have to cut out a rectangular hole for ducting to exit an exterior wall. I cannot make use of a circular consaw given the awkward location so need to get the job done without. have a very effective hammer drill with non rotary hammer function (chisel and pointed chisel). Cold chisel and...
  7. J

    Expanding my fireplace opening

    Hi all - newbie on here and would like some help So I’m living in a Taylor Wimpey house built in the year 2000 - it had a gas fire in the living room and chimney on the roof. I decided this year that I’d like to install a log burner- however after taking out the fire I found that the clearance...
  8. acurachris

    Mortar thickness for first course

    Hi I've seen posts on this before but slightly different thickness of mortar! I need four courses to my block and beams from the foundation bottom. The foundation is pretty level although it's higher in one corner by about 20mm. The foundation is 310mm down from my finished B&B level at the...
  9. M

    140mm solid concrete wall

    how high Can I build a wall that spans 12m and has a height of 5.5m to the top of the pitch. It will be following the line of the steel uprights and steels that support the pitched roof. We are going too secure wall ties every two blocks high on the up rights and using 140mm solid blocks with...
  10. P

    Paving slabs over concrete

    i have a concrete slab that is solid and doesn't need replacing but the garage on top does. We are replacing it with a log cabin but it's 2cm to wide Could I lay slabs over the concrete slab to give extra width required? How would I do it?
  11. J

    Garden office foundations

    I'm building a 4.8m x 2.8m (ideally) garden room and need some advice on the base / subfloor and possibility of overhang on the floor joists. As you can see in the image, I've got a concrete slab (not insulated) that I was going to sit the 3x2 treated joists directly on with DPC underneath each...
  12. J

    Garden office build specs.

    Hi there, Firstly I'm new to this forum, so apologies if I've not posted in the correct place etc. Any advice on the following would be much appreciated: I'm building a garden office 4.8w x 2.4d x 2.5h. The concrete base is already done (about 80mm on top of hardcore, mot and dpm, no sand...
  13. D

    Inner leaf vertical crack - what width mesh to use?

    I have a full room height vertical crack in a conc. block inner leaf that I may stitch with helical rods, it has a sand/cement render & skim. What width mesh (expamet) would I put over the crack before new render (and skim)? Presumably this wouldn't need to be stainless mesh as it's not...