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    Vaillant AeroTherm U.K. vs EU version?

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if there is a difference between the Vaillant AroTherm Plus 7k sold in the U.K. vs the EU model? I can see that there’s a huge price difference with items such as the VRC 720 F wireless controller and that generally speaking the AroTherm Plus is sold separately to...
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    Floor tile problems

    Hi all, We've had an extension built with 600mm x 600mm floor tiles laid through from the hall into the extension. In the hall, the tiles are laid on a suspended wooden floor with underfloor heating between the joists, chipboard across the joists and Ditra matting. However, the tiles have...
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    How Detailed Do Builders WANT An Extension Spec / Schedule To Be?

    Hi, I'm having a rear extension built (architect has drawn plans), and soon want to contact builders for quotes etc. Expecting the build alone to be ~£80k+. Currently, I've no building details/specifications whatsoever - just drawings of the brickwork (no drawings of how existing parts of the...