1. dazzlr

    What controls for a duel fuel towel rail?

    Hello all, I want to remotely control/automate a duel-fuel towel rail/rad and I don't like those controlls you find attached to the end of some elements like the pic attached (too much getting down on your hands and knees, after you've gone to get your glasses kind of thing). My assumption of...
  2. Y

    Non-slip coating on hand-held plastic controls gone sticky - how to remove?

    I've had a couple of electronic items - a small air-band radio receiver (Maycom AR-108), and now a mini-keyboard/trackpad/mouse device (XEBEC HTPC) - which have a matt non slip coating of some sort on the plastic shell to make it easier to grip. Whatever it is is thin - like a paint. Looks...
  3. S

    Understanding Heating Controls and Thermostat

    Hi, I'm currently having issues with my central heating system (oil boiler) following replacement of an old programmable controller and room thermostat. I have some electrical knowledge as an electrician but not specific to heating and controls. So the basics; I have an oil boiler located in...
  4. S

    Thermostat Replacement Wiring

    Hi All, I'm replacing my old analogue thermostat (Sunvic TLX 2259), which currently has 4 wires, a brown, black, light blue and green yellow. Im replacing it with a Salus RT300 digital programmable room thermostat, which has 3 connections; Live, Switch Live and Earth. The controller is...
  5. A

    Worcester Greenstar Heatslave 18/25 EXT - Controls not working

    Hi. Just moved into a new cottage. Boiler fires up great and has the radiators and hot water pretty hot and quickly. I've realised though, that the controls don't seem to be working. 1) There is a room thermostat, which does click on and off but doesnt seem to affect the boiler in any way. I...