cooker circuit

  1. D

    32A Industrial socket for cooker?

    Hi, I have a direct wired cooker on a 40A type B MCD. Is it ok to switch out the direct wire for a 32A 3-pin industrial socket (so the cooker could be unplugged and something else plugged in from time to time in a domestic installation?
  2. S

    Sharing a microwave and oven on same cooker circuit

    Hello All. This maybe a silly Q as I have little knowledge of UK electrics. I am refurbing the kitchen and am looking at obtaining a induction hob, a microwave/frill and a oven. The hob is fused 13amp, microwave is fused 16amp and oven is fused 15amp. Can the hob be on the normal circuit and...
  3. B

    Low voltage on 30 amp Cooker circuit

    All outputs from my cooker panel (Cooker and 13 amp socket) are dead. The circuit is: Consumer Unit to the original Cooker Panel location in kitchen, which is now a standard wall box from which a 30amp cable has been extended to a new Cooker Panel where the cooker is now located. This has...
  4. Moonhead

    Connecting fridge to cooker circuit.

    Morning. Just bought a new, fancy under-the-counter fridge to go in the kitchen. The issue I have is that the house is 150+ years old so, the electrical installation is 'interesting', to say the least. There are no outlets on the side of the kitchen where the fridge will be going aside from the...
  5. M

    Cooker circuit in kitchen refit by cowboy kitchen fitter and electrician

    Hi, I would like to give thanks to every member of this forum, I have been watching and read upon many posts for the past few years and have learned a lot. I apologize in advance but I would very much like some advice on electrical work which has been completely messed up by a cowboy kitchen...