1. T

    Plugs to replace curtain pole brackets in plasterboard???

    Hello :) Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm a DIY newbie: I'm replacing curtain pole brackets as our previous brackets have bent under the weight of the curtains. I've removed the old brackets - There weren't any plugs in the wall apart from one very large metal (potentially...
  2. cwhaley

    Curtain Rail

    I know curtain rails have been done to death on here, but I can't find anything specific for my query... I put a curtain rail up last year into a bay window. It is a fairly wide bay with large thermal curtains with lots of weight to them. Naturally the area above the window is peppered with...
  3. cwhaley

    Curtain Pole on Ceiling

    I'm nipping around to a friend's at the weekend to look at putting up a curtain pole for them. Currently they have blinds which are attached to the ceiling. By the looks of it, someone in the past has screwed timber into the ceiling joists and then screwed the blinds into that timber. There's...
  4. R

    Screwing into plasterboard close together

    I have to attach a curtain rod bracket to a plasterboard wall. Below is a photo of the bracket. I was going to use plasterboard fixings like these, but then realised that the points for the screws were too close and the fixings would overlap. 20180224_202359 by r_c posted 24 Feb 2018 at 8:30 PM...
  5. K

    H-section shower rail has never run smooth across join

    I have an H-section shower rail. The shower curtain has never run smoothly across the joins. It sticks. Any obvious ideas for simple adjustments/ mods, or quality replacement that works. Thanks
  6. D

    Bay Windows PVC Frames & Venetian Blinds Faff!

    Hello one and all, Getting straight to it... Situation I have a 5 bay windows both up and downstairs and want to fit venetian blinds. I've had quotes and a couple of people come and measure up and quote but none of them have given me definite solutions to the various issues detailed below...