Bay Windows PVC Frames & Venetian Blinds Faff!

9 Dec 2014
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United Kingdom
Hello one and all,

Getting straight to it...

I have a 5 bay windows both up and downstairs and want to fit venetian blinds.
I've had quotes and a couple of people come and measure up and quote but none of them have given me definite solutions to the various issues detailed below.

Finally, I've been in the house for ages and have got away with not having to sort it out up until now and I'm now getting a bit of earache about it so I'm motivated to get it done, whether that's me fitting them (unlikely) or just getting a joiner/blinds expert/odd job man in to do it

Each time I get someone to look at the setup of the window, there are different issues that present themselves:

1. The handles on the 2nd window in, protrude and this means that the blinds wouldn't be level
2. I could fix that with a baton but if it were the same depth all around, it would increase the gap at the side of the window, meaning less privacy and a sub-standard looking job
3. The frame at the top shows about 2" before another pieces of plastic (possibly a trim) which looks about 4" wide covers it
a. I've been told that attaching blinds to this would not be secure as they are there to cover the gap between the frame and wall, so there could be nothing, foam or spacers in there
b. The frame only exposing 2" means that from outside, you'd see the bottom of the blind fitting at the top of the window as it is wider than than​
4. There is currently a curved dado rail that the curtain rail attaches to, which prevents me mounting the blinds directly above the window frame
5. I'd ideally like to keep curtains to go over the blinds

Possible (lay and uneducated) solutions for each problem
1. I have seen other suggest using low profile handles but the ones at that link don't have locks (which I need for insurance cover to apply)
2. I've thought about sloping the baton at the very far window off to a wedge shapeo at the ends, so that the gap at the last window (closest to the room at each side) is reduced to what it would be if there were no baton, so the baton would look like a long right-angle triangle, elevating to the same level as the next baton on the second window in, to disguise the 'push out' to avoid the protruding handle on the second window
3a. I've got no solution to this as attaching batons would need somewhere secure to allow it to support the weight of the centre blind, which I want to be 1 large blind
3b. Again, not really got a solution for this either​
4. I suppose I could remove this to try to fit the blinds above it and again have to baton this out to clear the handles but I'm not sure what will additional work this will cause If I did this but doubt it'd be much. This would lead to the first part fo the blind actually covering about 6-8" of plastic rather than glass though
5. I'd probably need to fit a pelmet and with the other issues detailed, I'm not sure how to go about this

Some photos of the setup are below to make the above all clearer:

20160922_152331.jpg 20160922_152334.jpg 20160922_152201.jpg 20160922_152147.jpg

Measurements are as below:

Evernote Snapshot 20150902 120834.jpg

If there's any more info you need to help me out here, let me know.
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If you have a 20mm cavity in your units get integral blinds
Thanks for the suggestion. We have some of those at the back in our patio window and although they would actually be a solution, we're really after the Venetian look in this front room. I'll mention that to the missus though.
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Thanks Gazman16. I've incorrectly said that we had integral blinds when we actually have perfectFit blinds in our patio door windows (they are also actually French doors, buts that's besides the point). So again, it's definitely a thought but we did want the larger Venetian look to cover the frames. We'd have to have 14 blinds fitted to cover all windows in this window frame, which I think might be a bit busy. I'll be checking this weekend to see if they can actually be fitted to this frame though, as they're worth considering.
I'm guessing from the suggestions I've had so far, nobody thinks the Venetian route is the one really?

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