1. nbellyjnr

    B&Q Kitchen Fitting Problems - Next Course Of Action?

    Hi Everyone, This forum has been invaluable to me the last few weeks and I really appreciate all of the help I’ve been given regarding a variety of issues. We had a kitchen fitting with B&Q that has been plagued with issues for the get go. It’s now over four months since the fitting started...
  2. R

    Smaller radiator - height / width

    Hi All, Need some advice. Looking to change a radiator in a room. Current radiator is Type 11 / single panel, 600 x 1440. Want to replace it with a Type 21 500 x 1000. Can that be done without having to replace the plumbing & piping (ie pulling up the floor boards). Can the new smaller...
  3. BoudinC

    Shower tray fitting - is it proper to cut out plasterboard

    Hi, i have a 1400 wide bathroom and a 1400 x 900 tray. I have had to disassemble and replace plasterboard etc due to a leak, but the recess between 2 walls is now less than 1400! Is it possible/proper to scrape back the plasterboard to widen the recess? Any help appreciated!
  4. S

    Best method for positioning towel rail pipework before tiling

    The new towel rail (en-suite) will be arriving this week and I need to sort the pipework for it - comes out of the floor, which is not yet screwed-down. My issue is how best to do this to allow for (small) error, as the tiles are not on the wall either i.e. I don't know exact thickness of tiles...
  5. S

    Installing Integrated Sharp Slimline Dishwasher

    Hi, I have bought an integrated Sharp slimline dishwasher and am currently trying to install it, however, the only available space I have for it is between the cooker and a wall (which has an opening of just over 450mm). The instructions say to fit 4 small metal brackets to the machine and...
  6. J

    First time fitting kitchen - Any tips advise would help

    Hi Everyone after 2 bad experience with carpenters and waiting them for months ending up with quality job worst than a beginners and still paid premium price. I decided to have a go and install kitchen myself. Units would be Howdens solid pre- assembled cabinets. any tips on how to stick them...
  7. BathroomBulbBoy

    Can someone help find this bathroom light fitting?

    Hi folks, I'm new here as I didn't know where else to turn. I am in the UK and am looking to find an exact replacement light fitting for my circular bathroom light. I have tried Screwfix/Tradepoint but both stores looked at me like I had 2 heads. Have also tried googling the code on the light...
  8. M


    Hello, Does anyone know how to change the bulb in this type of downlight fitting. I just couldn't figure it out. I've tried all sorts including twisting, pulling and nothing works. I've taken photos of it from every direction. Need help please.
  9. T

    Fitting for gas hob

    We are having a gas hob installed by a gas safe plumber on a labour only basis and I need to source something to connect to the 1/2" male thread on the hob to the pipework. I was under the impression that any 1/2" female fitting that will join to 15mm copper by solder or compression fitting...
  10. S

    Are these windows fitted ok? Pics included.

    We live on a fairly busy road, technically 20mph but everyone does at least 30mph. There is a constant stream of traffic until fairly late in the evening and queues during morning and evening rush hours. Motorbikes go up and down late at night. No lorries or buses normally though due to narrow...
  11. C

    Installing Worktop Around Belfast Sink

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but hoping you can offer some help. We're currently coming towards the end of our kitchen refurb and about to have our worktop installed. The worktop is not being fitted by the same company as who installed our kitchen units and appliances. The worktop fitters have...
  12. Gilo2019


    Hello all, So this is my first post and I need some advice as I think this is probably an obvious mistake I'm making so I'm hoping someone should be able to help! I'll try and keep this as simple as possible and I've attached a few photos for clarity! In short this is the situation. 1) I'm...
  13. C

    Disconnecting gas oven. Not sure if this is a bayonet fitting...

    Title says it all really. Bit nervous about messing with this as all the bayonet fittings I've seen don't look like this. Any advice would be appreciated!
  14. M

    Earth connection - metal/Brass wall light fittings

    Hi all, I could do with some help as to where I connect the earth wire for a new wall light. Only has live and neutral incoming wires. There is no earth, not snipped back or hiding anywhere. All checked and just the two wires The wall light fitting does have an earth wire. Where do I fix this...
  15. J

    How on earth do I actually fit a C100 Simulated Flashing?

    Hey Folks! I am about to fit a new fibreglass roof and i've got the whole sequence down except this one piece. I've fitted lead flashings before and understand how they go in, but I'm looking at these fibreglass replacements and i'm filled with trepidation. I'm hoping someone can put me out...
  16. M

    Guys what are these side plastic covers called please

    Hi Guys I am having my composite doors installed next week and I was told I need to purchase these plastic side cover things to cover up any gaps between the frame and brick. Though I have forgotten what they are. I have attached photos of what I am talking about. Also are these generic to...
  17. N

    Tightening kitchen mixer tap

    I am trying to tighten a B&Q monobloc tap fitted about 3 or 4 years ago. Its not the usual arrangement where you can just tighten a locking nut over a securing plate but has a nut built into the securing plate meaning that you turn the whole thing - but obviously you cant do that with the...
  18. B

    What are these bits for please :-) ?

    hi So I bought a nearly new shower / bath tap as you can see in the pics. But I am a complete numpty and have no idea what all the black bits with threads are to the left of the box ? Can someone please enlighten me :-) and sorry if I am being really thick ! Thanks in advance Thanks Bob
  19. J

    How best to make threaded fittings on radiator valves weep-proof

    I apologise if these sound silly questions, but I would love some advice on making threaded fittings weep-proof. I have 1/2" Danfoss Randall RA-G Single Pipe TRV Body which comes with a fitting which screws onto the 1" OD outlet of the TRV and screws into the radiator. (see...
  20. J

    We think this job is awful, do you agree and if so what she he have done differently?

    Hello, I'm new here and a total amateur so please forgive anything daft I say below! We had a very well rated carpet installer fit our landing and stairs with carpet last week, we purchased the carpet for a local carpet shop for him to fit and he provided everything else (underlay, vinyl etc)...