1. Se23

    Filling hole and mounting blinds

    Hi there Had a bit of an issue mounting some blinds and now I need to fill a hole (about 20mm x30mm, 20-30mm deep at max point) and then put in screws to remount blinds. Please see attached images for reference. Which type of filler would you recommend. Screws are 30mm long. Thanks
  2. therafox

    Does anyone know what kind of blinds these are (and how to fix them)?

    Hey all, I recently moved into a new flat that has these blinds I haven't seen before: They seem to be fixed into the PVC somehow and I can't seem to locate any screws. On the inner side there seems to be some kind of metal fixing: The issue is, one of them is ripped, so I'm trying to...
  3. Q

    Perfect Fit Conservatory window blinds

    Hi. A few years a go I purchased window blinds using the perfect fit mechanism where they 'slot' in behind the rubber seal in UPVC windows. They've been in for nearly 5 years now but the seals in a few of the windows have stretched or something and the blinds are not flush to the top of the...
  4. T

    Energy Saving in an Open Plan world

    We’ve an open plan kitchen/diner/social space, that, as you can see, has a lot of glass. It carries the same thermal delights as a conservatory. Scorchio in summer, freezing in winter. It measures about 8x8m. The area has WarmUp UFH covering it, but I’d have to sell a body part to fund...
  5. DIYNoobDude

    Can I screw into lower end of rafters?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this stuff so thanks for all your help guys! :) Sorry for the long post! Summary: Trying to fit curtains onto a bay window but there is no wall to screw into above, only rafters. Detail: There is no wall or lintel above my bay window. Basically, it's a normal pitched...
  6. bettz1

    Perfect fit blinds not fully closing towards bottom

    Thought I'd post this to see if anyone can help. Hilarys have been useless Our perfect fit blinds on our patio doors aren't fully closing when we use the tilt rod the top half is fine but towards the bottom they don't seem to fully tilt downwards, and they still let light in during the day at...
  7. R

    How to fit venetian blinds in window recess of a new build property?

    Hello all, I've ordered some blinds from Blinds2Go which require selfi-fitting. I live in a new build property and the window frame, to my basic knowledge and basic exploratory skills (drilling a couple of holes) leads me to believe that there is 15mm plasterboard with around a 10mm gap...
  8. cwhaley

    Curtain Pole on Ceiling

    I'm nipping around to a friend's at the weekend to look at putting up a curtain pole for them. Currently they have blinds which are attached to the ceiling. By the looks of it, someone in the past has screwed timber into the ceiling joists and then screwed the blinds into that timber. There's...
  9. H

    Re-inserting a continuous roller blind chain

    Hi I've got a roller blind at our kitchen window. The mounting to the wall has come loose causing the blind chain to slip out. The chain is one-piece with no joining link in it. I need to fix the chain back in place, but there is no visible way to dismantle the roller mechanism: the bit that...
  10. Sweetpayn

    Electric automatic blind rolls

    Hy guys, I’m looking for automatic blackout blinds for my bedroom operated from wall/app. 2 windows : 135W x 150Drop 1 window : 135W x 180Drop I’m living in North of London.. if you have any company in mind which is dealing with this kind of installation please advice. I’ve been quoted...
  11. R

    Hanging blinds in plasterboard

    Hi All, Have recently had our windows redone and so we now need to re-mount the venetian blinds. The windows are in a cavity with a wood sill and plasterboard wall and ceiling (approx 10 cm deep) and brick on the outside. Flat was build around the early 1990's. The brackets were previously...
  12. D

    Bay Windows PVC Frames & Venetian Blinds Faff!

    Hello one and all, Getting straight to it... Situation I have a 5 bay windows both up and downstairs and want to fit venetian blinds. I've had quotes and a couple of people come and measure up and quote but none of them have given me definite solutions to the various issues detailed below...