1. S

    New Build What Cable for AV stuff

    Hi all, I could really do with some help please as my mind is going to explode due to an overload of cabling options :eek: I'm still building my house (10 years in! :rolleyes:) and have recently put the first fix cable in for my security cams, my network and my security alarm and I now need...
  2. cwhaley

    Alternatives to Dot and Dab

    Hi all, won't be long before I'm plasterboarding my new extension. I was just looking for a few suggestions on the best alternatives to 'dot n dab'. The boards will be going on new blockwork (typical block/insulation/external brickwork). I don't want to use dot n dab. I know its tried and...
  3. D

    Plasterboard adhesive/dot dab thickness

    I need to fit a door lining where a wall is to be dry lined (presuming that spread would want the door lining fitted before dry lining the wall). 10mm deep cable capping to accommodate, plus 12.5mm board and 3mm skim? I was thinking of setting the door lining maybe 30mm proud, giving approx...
  4. W

    How to make/buy dot and dab materials

    hi people,it seems that i have to have a go at putting up plasterboards for my daughter,can someone advise best materials for dot and dab ie does the proper fixatives come in tubes or does it have to be bought and mixed ? if so what would i need to buy ? i am quite handy so the cutting etc...