1. O

    DEWALT (vs. Makita) Cordless Drill Help Needed

    Hi all, First time posting here so please excuse incompetence. We bought a DEWALT DCD776 to help with our home renovation. It's been through some light to medium work so far and has generally been really good to use. Recently, we have found that inserting screws (any type) has been challenging...
  2. G

    Dewalt 7023 or 7033 mitre stand?

    Evening, I'm tearing my hair out over which Dewalt mitre saw stand to buy. Its for occasional work use and DIY. Any feedback from people who own these would be appreciated. As I see it the weight and folded length count against the 7023 v 7033, but I might like the additional support when I...
  3. JD2012

    DeWalt DCD778M2T-SFGB 18V 4.0 Combi Drill Question

    I was looking for Combi Drill and saw this on Screwfix. Does anyone know if you can also use it to screw...
  4. CrazeUK

    Switching tool systems

    Hey All. I wouldn't say I was dedicated to Ryobi 1+, only owning a few tools. I have now decided to upgrade to more "industrial" brand. . . Dewalt, Einhell, Makita etc. I am certainly not a tradesman, so don't want to spend ridiculous amounts. I am more a DIY'er, that does a lot for both my...
  5. Ouch77

    Old school tools - What Type DW1251 Radial arm saw?

    I've inherited an old, yet functional DeWalt radial arm saw, which I'm gotten working to some good degree, it's 95% complete (the only major part I can't find is the Riving knife, and the slide bearings are a little lumpy), But it has a decent Router bracket, spare blades, and the motor sounds...
  6. GoodOne

    DeWalt 18V XR Brushless - Is it faulty?

    Hiya, I've used this power drill a couple of times and just realised that the chuck spring in and out. Anyone knows is it faulty or normal? You may take look at the clips below, which I uploaded for reference. Thanks