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  1. B

    uPVC window - gap in material beneath sill

    Been cleaning/restoring our uPVC window frames. Noticed that the sill was loose so removed it to give it a proper clean. Underneath is a gap in the capping whcih doesn’t look right to me. Imagined that this should run right underneath. The seams of the window frames/seals were sealed with...
  2. L

    Internal lime plaster??

    I’ve just purchased a house and have stripped the wallpaper to find this grainy material. From a quick google search it seems to be lime plaster?? Do you agree? If so how easy is it to remove so I can re-plaster? Thanks
  3. Stanton

    Repairing old Stairs to attic DIY dilemma

    Hi Guys, my names John and I enjoy doing DIY (when I get round to it) and for a long time I have been putting off finishing/fixing this issue with the pictured part of the stairs to my attic. All we want is for it to be tidy and neat but can’t for the life of me figure out what’s best to do...
  4. E

    VELUX Roof Windows

    Hi, I’ve recently moved into a property where VELUX Low Pitch Roof Windows have been installed. I can’t for the life of me get them to open! It’s driving me mad. I’ve tried for a month to get them open but can’t. I’m hoping somebody can help. I’ve attached photos of them and have tried locking...
  5. D

    Slurry and Plastering Concrete Interior wall?

    Hi, i’m attempting to re-plaster my kitchen and need some advice on the steps to do so. Currently the kitchen walls are a bit of a state, it used to have wall paper on however this was taken off many years ago. Now what is left on the walls is paint and (what i’m guessing is plaster) which is...
  6. R

    Coving Disaster?

    Hi guys, I recently had someone come in and fit coaving for me due to my disability preventing me from doing so, and I’ve had these gaps in there. Is this normal, if so is this any product I can use to fill those gaps? I can take further up pictures if required, thank you.
  7. E

    connect a channel drain to a down pipe?

  8. C

    Potential disaster in the making or not?

    So our first floor maisonette flat had two windows and a doorway into our living room from the entrance way. They were very dated, so we removed the windows and door but kept the frame, thinking we would do something with it at a later date as we had other renovations to focus on. Today I got...