1. H

    Insulating a stud wall with existing electrical cabling

    I'm currently renovating a my new home which is a late Victorian house, and I've taken plaster off a couple of stud walls in my office. With in the room, there are currently (The house was rewired around 7 years ago). 1 Run of 1.5mm T + E for the lighting Circuit (running from floor to ceiling...
  2. Toddzbox

    Crazy RCD tripping

    Here's my problem: I hope I've isolated the appliance that causes the right hand side of our consumer unit RCD to trip. If we leave the dishwasher on alone we can come home to find the CU has tripped. I flip off the offending circuit (washing machine, tumble dryer, heating boiler, dishwasher)...
  3. CrazeUK

    Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall

    Hey Guys. So I did have a question up on another part of the forum and uploaded content and pictures there. But i have decided to start a new thread, to make it easier to see and see my mistakes. Here goes. The Mrs wanted to change the flat, and have a space for her plants where the cat does...
  4. M

    My Domestic Wiring

    Hello, We recently bought a house, which we mostly gutted/demolished and rebuilt. I am NOT an electrician, but i have spent several years working as a labourer alongside domestic electricians and being shown what to do by these electricians. I also have an electricians manual with wiring...
  5. N

    DIY vs Professional

    1st, I am NOT a qualified electrician. But as well as finding lots of good advice here - I have come across some interesting debates when DIY'ers (like me) ask about how to do something. Sometimes in the process we amateurs demonstrate a really dangerous lack of knowledge - which is no doubt why...