double glazed

  1. wilco88

    Replacing single glazing in timber sash and case windows

    I want to install double glazing to my single glazed timber sash and case windows. I realize that is possible to do this by simply adding a new sash with a double glazed unit, however my question is: Is it possible to install double glazed units of glass in between the existing muntins? My...
  2. A

    How do I adjust this old aluminium framed door (Everest, double glazed, solid hinges)?

    I have an existing door between my living room and conservatory that has dropped and needs adjustment, the bolt part of the locking mechanism no longer fits in the receiving part. Photos The hinges are solid (not flag hinges) and the fixing holes in the hinge and frame are not slotted...
  3. theDIYkid

    Wooden Window Frames Internal Seal

    Hi lads, I have wood frames...they are solid so not going with PVC. I have new units and used double sided tape which is great but should I then on the inside rubber seal as you see with PVC, if so what shape would this be? triangle sticky ? thanks
  4. theDIYkid

    crack on inside of DG unit

    Hi can someone advise? I got a new DG unit fitted but managed to get a small crack on inside bottom right, unit is new and looks good apart from crack, its on edge next to there anything I can do to conceal it make it look better for now as dont want to fork out more doe just yet...
  5. C

    Older double glazed sealed unit window replacement

    Hi, The lower middle sealed unit in the picture seems to need replacing - it has water runs inside it. I've done this before using a putty knife to pop the inside beads off then suction cup holder to lift out. This seems to be an older sealed unit and doesn't have any beads inside to pop...