downlight wiring

  1. S

    LED downlighter puzzle

    Hi all, Over the past few years I have had regular issues with my 12 kitchen downlighters due to replacing the standard 12v lamps with 12v LED's and leaving the old transformers in place. As I understand it, the issue is that the transformers require a minimum wattage to be drawn to work...
  2. lxhrn

    Replacing bathroom light with LED downlight

    Replacing an old bathroom light that takes a G10 bulb with one single LED downlight, link below. My current wiring looks like this: Inside of the downlight to be installed: After i...
  3. B

    Bathroom downlight wiring help!

    Hello, I have an en-suite with an extractor fan and two down-lights. One down-light stopped working - I cant remove the casing to check if its the bulb as it seems to have permanently stuck together. So I bought a replacement from Wickes. I went into the loft, removed wires and the old light...