1. Hutcheg

    Water ingress during build (ed.)

    Hi all, I'm currently in the middle of building an office in my garden. It's been pretty slow progress due to having 2 small kids, and having a tough time with my mental health. Due to Covid, the roofing sheets I ordered at the end of October still haven't arrived. I've constructed the roof...
  2. D

    Alternative to cemented undercloaking (Marley Modern)

    I have to replace the undercloaking, it's shot and falling away. I don't think much of undercloaking mortared to the underside of cantilevered tiles, I have about 3" of overhang. The mortar and undercloaking just seems to have fallen away from the underside of the tiles. Maybe support new...
  3. D

    skim or dryline + skim etc prices?

    Can anyone help me with this? The online calculators are pretty basic and don't really do the job. Am in a reasonably prosperous town in Wales. Have had prices of 1.5k and 2k? Any help would be appreciated. 5x4x2.3m room. How much is reasonable to pay for: A) 2 coat skim on pre boarded TE...
  4. D

    Plasterboard adhesive/dot dab thickness

    I need to fit a door lining where a wall is to be dry lined (presuming that spread would want the door lining fitted before dry lining the wall). 10mm deep cable capping to accommodate, plus 12.5mm board and 3mm skim? I was thinking of setting the door lining maybe 30mm proud, giving approx...
  5. H

    Pointing Slabs laid on dry/semi dry mix

    Quick question to any paving experts out there. I have laid a new sandstone slab patio on a semi dry mix of sand and cement (6:1). I used the guide from the paving expert website (laying flags). I'm just wondering how long it takes to set and how long to wait before pointing it? If too...
  6. W

    Overriding Smeg DI6012 Dishwasher anti-flood system

    My Smeg DI6012 dishwasher is driving me mad with error E1; it takes upwards of 30 attempts to get it to complete a cycle without this error being given - yet the drip tray and float are bone dry. If I depress the float under very (very) light pressure there is an audible "click" and the same...
  7. Jase1985

    Persistent Hotpoint washer dryer leak on dry cycle only

    So. Here's what's going on... I can't get the washer dryer to stop leaking when on a drying cycle. Each wash cycle works perfectly, pumps out fine, no leaks, no hassle. Here's what I've tried... Removed lid, noticed that on drying cycle the washer fills from the hot water inlet, which is...