1. D1l1th1um

    drywall anchor - correct size for curtain rail?

    Hi, I've got some newly-fitted 12.5mm plasterboard and want to hang a couple of curtain rails up. The rails have three fixing points on each side. The poles are only around a metre long, each. The hollow anchors I bought say they're for a minimum of 8mm thickness. (B&Q M4 32mm). My plasterboard...
  2. J

    Gypsum repair for heavy load

    I was affixing a wall anchor to a hollow plasterboard and the bolt inside rounded because it was defective (it round two more bolts). So I removed it and of course damaged the gypsum. Can you advise on how I can fix this to attach a new wall anchor? John **picture of wall anchor and hole attached.
  3. S

    Help please! Removed drywall paper, to skim coat or use lining paper?

    Hi all, I am a novice DIYer and I would appreciate any help. I attempted to remove very old painted wallpaper which seems to have also removed the (brown) drywall paper with it. Leaving the the exposed gypsum (good condition). How do I go about in fixing this? I was thinking of removing any...
  4. P

    Insulating solid wall

    Hi all, My house dates back to about 1885. Mid terraced, redbrick, lime pointing and plastered inside with lime plaster. When carrying out some renovations I noticed a lot of blown plaster on the internal face of an external upstairs wall. I think that at some stage previous owners had used a...
  5. J

    Fix drywall painting disaster

    I had a team of "professionals" repaint the drywalls of a newly-purchased house. A few days after they completed the work, two kinds of defects appeared on the walls, in a large number of different spots. The first kind (depicted below) is the paint looking either depressed or protruded over...
  6. D

    190x47 CLS joists - enough landing for drywall screw edge distance?

    The ends of ceiling plasterboard will have to share a 47 landing on the joist underside, so not much edge distance for drywall screws. Is there a spec drywall screw edge distance to be maintained?
  7. D

    Drywall screws min. edge distance

    What would the recommended minimum edge distance be for drywall screws? Thank you
  8. S

    Chimney removed now need to cover wall.

    Chimneys were removed. Now we need to make good the wall. What is the best option bearing in mind that we dont want to lose too much room space. Also any tips on how to seal soot stains will be appreciated Pics provided. Thanks
  9. W

    How to build a ceiling tray for indirect/mood lighting

    Hi, Has anyone got any advice in building a frame for ceiling lighting for something like in the photo attached. I initially built a small tray out of mdf as a sample to see what the finish would be like. Once it was primed and painted, I didn't think the finish looked that great updrywall...