1. R

    bonding on top of easifill?

    I’m replastering a stair winder, having hacked off some bits and built up other areas with bonding, there are some areas that I initially used easifill on that I’d like to add another inch or so to. Can I apply bonding over the easifill, or should just build up easifill layers slowly? Or should...
  2. A

    Painting Disaster

    Hi All, Had the house replastered recently. Due to bright white led downlights i could see imperfections. Anyways few rooms filled with easi fill and Tourpet decorators skim. Sanded them smooth. Wiped down the surfaces. Spot primed filled areas. Firstly with wateree down emulsion. Then zinsser...
  3. theandroids

    UPVC Trim was hideous. What to do now?

    Good afternoon all, I removed the horrid upvc trim from around my windows to reveal these beautiful gaps.... I was going to install thinner wood trim as the trim that was put there was excessive, but I would prefer to have a flat surface rather that trim at all. Is it possible to fill with...
  4. I

    Gyproc EasiFill 60 sanding problem

    I recently discovered Gyproc EasiFill 60 and was initially impressed with it. Later, however, I got used to seeing tiny holes after sanding it. Is this a common problem? Is there a way of avoiding it? I have two theories. Maybe my sanding is dislodging filler or maybe I introduce bubbles when...
  5. D

    Easi Fill sinking in corner after painting?

    Hello! I've been repairing a few blown tapes in a 3-year-old house. But after painting, it looks like the jointing compound has sunk? I did 5 stages of compound: Pre-filled gap in the corner with Make Good jointing compound (very similar to Easi Fill) First layer to bed the tape into (metal...
  6. R

    Does Easifill 60 ever set completely against liquid?

    Hi all, I've just used Easifill 60 for the first time as was recommended it. It went on a treat and smoothed off nicely with the sander. However, I got some water on it while washing an adjacent wall (nearly a week after it was first applied), and noticed that the water makes the Easifill...