1. dgreg

    Using dry stone rocks/stones as gravel path edging

    Hi there, I've excavated a channel for a garden path and am looking to use a large number of quite large and heavy rocks (size of a football to perhaps 2ft by 2ft) I've reclaimed from an old garden dry stone wall for edging. I've found nothing on how to approach this but my intention was type 1...
  2. E

    Levelling garden - what to do by the fence

    Hi everyone, I’ve levelled my garden by creating a small retaining wall between an upper and lower level - see pic. I will need to dig down about 20 cm from the current ground level by the wall on the lower section in order to level it. I’m then planning to gravel the bottom area up to the...
  3. T

    How to trim/hide handmade mexican tile edges

    Planning to tile halfway up my kitchen window, I want to tile inside the recess but how to negotiate the external corner has me stumped. Absolutely cannot find any such thing as a bullnose mexican tile in the UK and I feel like a metal or plastic trim would ruin the handmade aesthetic... How to...
  4. JD2012

    How to fit Lawn Edging?

    I got the plastic lawn edging below. How do I fit this with no stakes? Its was for the edge of the lawn beside my paving slabs edgers. Tthe grass was growing out over them. Someone did suggest I could use galvanised nails . Thanks...
  5. RustyHAT

    Split/swollen upstand edge laminate

    Hi all, first time poster. I am wondering if anybody has any solutions for this without replacing the upstand? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. moore005004

    help loose edging blocks

    Hi, I am a total novice I layed some garden border edging blocks 3 weeks ago, I dug a 10" trench leveled it and tampered it down poured dry concrete in the trench leveled that, set the blocks in tapped them in and leveled them off (forgot to mention the blocks are 8"x 5"x 2") I then sprayed...
  7. H

    Outdoor porcelain doorstep edging

    Hi, Got 2 600x600 22mm porcelain pavers for a doorstep extension. The step overhangs the brick base by 30mm but I’ve only just realised the porcelain isn’t black throughout - the sides are cream coloured. How can I deal with this as we don’t cream showing on front and sides of step. Looked...
  8. bettz1

    Remove mortar stains Indian sandstone

    Hi any advice on what I could use to remove a few mortar stains from the edges of Indian sandstone kandla grey? I bought some bostik mortar remover which a few people recommended watered down but noticed it says not to use on sandstone :mad::cry: Any idea?
  9. JimDogweed

    Fix / re-position victorian rope-top edging

    Hi. We have some old victorian rope-top edging in our front garden. Over the years, some of the pieces of edging have moved (pushed away from the path). What's the best way to secure these in the right place - someone has suggested a dry concrete mix. I'm looking for the simplest solution -...
  10. barnsley7

    Floor trim beading, can't get angle right

    I have some floor trim/beading to go around my new laminate floor, but I'm struggling to get a nice 45° degree angle. I have a mitre saw which has 45° setting but the trim is not flat so I can't get the angle to be flush. Skotia edge by barnsley7 posted 8 Dec 2019 at 3:18 PM Skotia trim by...
  11. R

    Ideas for lawn edging

    Looking for ideas for low cost lawn edging to separate lawn from borders. Larger area to cover. Established lawns and recently decluttered borders. - Lawn and borders are at same/similar level. Probably benefit from a slight raised edge. - Edges are straight with square corners. - Lawns are...
  12. N

    Curved edging suggestions

    I have a wall which I want to put mirror tiles on – the only problem is there’s an alcove with a curved top at one end. Once fitted I’d like to put some kind of channel or beading around the alcove to hide the edges of the tiles but whatever I use will have to be bendable. Suggestions ?
  13. A

    Repairing cracked roof edge mortar

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on repairing the edging mortar on a slate roof. I've attached a couple of photos below to illustrate the problem. It is the edging between the roof slates and a granite gable end wall. The roof is 12 years old. The mortar has cracked along its full length allowing...