1. R

    How to tile on brick wall in shower area?

    Hello all, getting round to renovating the bathroom in our 1909 solid wall red brick house (on first floor) - any advice on what should go behind tiles on an internal brick wall in a shower area (and external brick wall not in shower area)? One tradesperson has said sand and cement render and...
  2. O

    How thick are my party walls

    I am trying to ascertain thickness of the party walls. The house is a 1910 built Edwardian Terrace. The external walls are an early cavity type with brick walls inner and solid stone on the outside of the property. The only place I can examine the party wall brickwork is the loft and bathroom...
  3. J

    Conservation of Edwardian Leather

    We have an Edwardian chair with leather upholstery in need of some TLC. Since the scratches, tears etc. are the emotional attachment just as much as the chair itself, reupholstery or any replacement of leather is not an option. Since most commercially products appear to target much newer...
  4. J

    Are supports for Edwardian stone cills structural or decorative?

    I'm booked in for complete 40mm external wall insulation and rendering: the contractor says he will chop off the stone cill supports which extend 3 inches beneath the 100 year old stone window cills, as it will 'make for a neater job'. I'm worried that these 'supports' are not just old fashioned...
  5. Malpighiales

    Advice needed on roof structure

    We're in the process of buying a mid-terrace Victorian/Edwardian (estimated at 1900) house and have just received our Home Buyer's Survey. Unsurprisingly, given the age of the property, it gives the impression the place is about to fall down! Most of the issues are things you'd expect of a...