elite 64w

  1. desj09

    Texecom Ricochet Sounder Help

    Hello all I have a Texecom Elite 64w version 5.01.03 and installed myself in 2019/2021. I needed to relearn a contact device for my backdoor but unfortunately I picked the wrong Zone when unlearning, therefore I believe I have unlearn my Odyssey X-W External Sounder. It no longer shows in the...
  2. J

    Texecom Door Contact Alarm 24 Hours

    I have a Texecom Elite 64 alarm system. I would like the alarm to sound when the door contact is open but reset as soon as door is closed this would need to be 24 hours. What attributes would I set for this?
  3. M

    Texecom Elite premier can arm but not disarm from keypad

    Hi Been pulling my hairs out over this. Got a new self install system (elite 64w with smartcom, 1 wired keypad and 1 wireless keypad) and everything is almost working perfectly, exepct for one thing - I cannot disarm from either keypad (wired or wireless). I am however able to disarm by keying...
  4. Skylar

    Texecom Premier Elite 48 vs Elite 64-W?

    Hi Newbie to the forum! Hoping you great people can help me out with a few queries on Texecom alarm systems. Planning to self install the following: House Texecom Premier Elite control panel Texecom Connect SmartCom Ethernet/Wifi Communicator Texecom Premier Elite SMK Keypad (wired) Texecom...