1 Nov 2022
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Hi all,

I am looking for support with a few things that happened with my alarm system. It's a Premier Elite 64, all wireless, left by the previous owners of the house. I had it serviced a two years ago and since I am learning bits on my own and with the help of this forum.
A bit of background: Basically the panel lost power and ended up depleting the internal battery, and when I turned it on I started having issues with a sensor, a 'radio not ready wait b/f arming' error appeared on the keypad, and on the texecom app its icon under devices was purple. After I removed the cover and replaced it, it seemed to have sorted itself, then the same happened to the bell, and whilst I was checking the signal strenght the keypad froze and silly me, I removed the battery to restart it. I then relearned the keypad via cable to the panel, but realised that all of the sensors disappeared, so I relearned them all.
Now the questions:
1. rather than relearning them all, would there have been a way to restore them on the system? I ask because one of my sensors I believe has a depleted battery so I could not learn it there and then, but when I check on the app, it is still listed under devices, even after many panel syncs ( through the app)
2. I also have two RKP listed on the app, but I only have one, how do I remove the old one? I checked all the zones on the keypad and there's nothing I don't recognise. Could it be because I relearnt the keypad on the same zone as before?
3. What zone type should I assign to the keypad? It automatically gave an entry/exit 1, and guard access to the main door, but then opening and closing the door does not arm the system, even with the entry/exit2 (E) attribute to the door, so I ended up giving the Entry/exit2 zone type to the door and it works fine.
4. If any has knowledge of the microshock ricochet, this is the sensor I can't yet relearn, as everytime I place the battery it's stuck on steady blue led, am I right to think that the battery needs changing?

Thank you all for your time with this.


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1. Shouldn’t need to relearn (copy of a wintex profile included wireless should make it possible to reload data back in)

2. hmm you should only have one, what’s the address of the two keypads, delete the one that doesn’t match, in zone setup and go to zone, reset reset.

3. You don’t need to assign a zone type to keypad.

4. Do you get an error tone, do you know what zone the device was on ?

hard to say without seeing more in-depth and knowing how things are behaving.
Thank you secureiam, I should have mentioned, I don't have wintex, currently I am controlling it via the keypad. Is there a way to do the first two points through it?
How do I check the address of the keypad? All zones are free except thecone for the keypad and the sensors I relearned.
1, Realistically you need a back up of the system, to reinstate it if it goes tits up.
Smart com cloud account can store a back up, but unless your able to see the programming due to having a subscription then you be flying blind and best way is to have a copy in wintex in my opinion, as this can be reinstated with no internet connection for the smart com with the appropriate usb com lead, if you know what you are doing and there is no internet connection but the smart com is connected via the network it is possible to connect via the ip address the smart co is connected to.

2. Via keypad I would go engineer utils/confirm devices and see what devices it thinks are connected first
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What sensors have you on the system and what modes are they set to?

When you plug a wireless keypad in it will ask you if you want to learn, the answer should be no, unless its never been learned or you have deleted it off the system.
Thank you secureiam for your replies and apologies for not getting back, I finally managed to get Wintex and cable, although I realised I can connect through smartcom also which is my preferred way so not to mess sith the panel and cabling.
Back to the questions, I have two micro contacts, the front door on entry/exit 2 and the back door on guard, and then PIRs and microshocks all on guard.

1. I checked the issue with the keypad (two keypads present in the app, but I have only one): when I checked the option Keypads on wintex, it lists four different ones, with the first one being the correct one, how do I remove the other three?

2. One of the expander ( the bell box of all the devices -_-) does not seem connected anymore, although its zone still exists and it's listed on wintex (it says not used under type). Is there a way to reconnect it without going to the bell box itself and relearn? Bear in mind that the first time I used Wintex and received the data from the panel is after this issue occurred.

3. If I ever happen to delete all of the sensors again, now that I have wintex, how do I reestablish connection without relarning all of them manually? I already received the programming data from the panel and saved them.

Thank you very much in advance.
This may help wireless

borrowed from page:-

To clear up this mess:
Use Wintex to RECEIVE ALL (Data and Log)

Use the currently operating keypad to digitally erase the Ricochet Expander:
- (Engineer Utils > Ricochet Diag > 009 > Reset > YES)
This erases ALL devices from the Ricochet Receiver Only - The Wireless keypads WILL stop working (don't worry)
Check in "Edit Account" > "Panel Details" that "Include all Ricochet Config when Sending Data" is enabled

Use Wintex "Send Page" to re-send in the Zone Page to the panel.
- After a short time, the Green Power LED on the Ricochet Receiver should begin to flash as the devices are re-populated back in to the receiver.
- Once this has finished, you should then cause a TAMPER on the wireless keypad that was working previously, and it should come back to life.
- The keypad that was working but not on the Zone list should now be erased and not operate.
( This keypad should be learnt back to the system ensuring its address switch is set prior. )

After sending the Data, if the Synchronisation process does not restart, then down power the panel and re-boot. This will instigate the synchronisation process as the data in the receiver does not match the panel.
note before you do the above if you do a panel sync in the app does the other keypad dissappear?

wintex shows the programing for 4 keypads not that you have 4 keypads connected as such.
Hi, I read the page you advised, and discovered the Ricochet Monitor, so I installed it to check if the bell box is at all registered on the system, along with any other keypad. The monitor shows only one keypad and no bell box, and all of the other zones apart from the ones with the sensors free.
The app on the other side, even after sync, still shows the bell box and two keypads, although only one shows the room temperature.

A glitch with the app maybe, where after sync instead of overwriting all of the data it just adds any new device?
Have you followed the sequence recommended.

as that should straighten out any dubious wireless devices.

I can’t see your data or know what you have done other than the panel sync.

The panel sync pulls the data from the panel, so if app is wrong then somewhere it is pulling the data from must also be wrong or indeed an issue in the app. If you follow there procedure and check there is only the one keypad, then panel sync should be okay after that it’s ask Texexom to look at deeper.

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