1. L

    Texecom Elite 64 queries

    Hi all, I am looking for support with a few things that happened with my alarm system. It's a Premier Elite 64, all wireless, left by the previous owners of the house. I had it serviced a two years ago and since I am learning bits on my own and with the help of this forum. A bit of background...
  2. B

    Connect to bend of soil pipe

    I HAVE already installed the soil pipe in the concrete slab. I have NOT yes put the insulation or screed. As a last minute change I now want to put a wet room in the room immediately next to a toilet room. Ideally what I waned to do was to connect the drain from the wetroom into the soil pipe...
  3. A

    Texecom Connect no app notifications

    Hello I've had the Texecom connect system installed for some time. I used to get push notifications via the app but it has stopped. I can get email notifications and have checked that I have the option for notifications turned on but no joy. Any ideas?
  4. Scooterboy67

    I have a Texecom Premier Elite 48 panel and want to add the Smartcom CEL-0001 Wifi unit.

    Hi, in order to install the above device, I need to upgrade the firmware. I bought the cable I thought was required, but can't work out how to do it. Can anyone direct me to any instructions for doing this please. I have downloaded the wintex software and would appreciate any guidance please?