1. N

    Accenta G4 - no power to Keypad

    Hi all, I had a cupboard fitted recently and the chaps had to disconnect the control panel. I powered down the system, alarm went off, code entered etc, then carefully took the pad off. It's all back in place and the tamper alarm works, sets off the speech dialler and the external siren is...
  2. L

    Texecom Elite 64 queries

    Hi all, I am looking for support with a few things that happened with my alarm system. It's a Premier Elite 64, all wireless, left by the previous owners of the house. I had it serviced a two years ago and since I am learning bits on my own and with the help of this forum. A bit of background...
  3. Reecejt

    Gardtec alarm keypad

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can help, I’ve moved into a property and it has a Gardtec alarm. I’ve never used this but It’s went off randomly three times over two month I have the engineers code to silence it, but can’t read anything on the keypad, everything is distorted on it. I’ll attach a picture...
  4. S

    Keypads v fobs

    Hi all, Currently wiring my house with cables for a home alarm system and I was wondering what peoples thoughts were about the number of keypads that are required. In my current house I have 1 at the front door and 1 in the garage, these are the only 2 entry points and then another 1 on the...
  5. Abdul23

    Scantronic 9000 Series keypad not working

    Hello, I recently moved into a town house with a Scantronic 9000 series alarm fitted with the property. I have been activating/deactivating the alarm from the control panel keypad as normal and a few months in most buttons and numbers suddenly stop working when pressing on the keypad. The...
  6. Z

    Veritas help please

    Hi all hope everyone is safe and sound We moved in to a new house today and it has a Veritas alarm in it. Everything I’m trying is not working so wondering if someone on here can help me. When I set the alarm zone 8 lights up solid and it won’t let me set the alarm. I have tried omitting zone...
  7. B

    After adding a PIR to Pyronix Euro 064 - LCD keypad how do i add it to the system (Euro 46 v10)

    I have completed a replacment of my old Pyronix alarm system to a new feature packed Pyronix Euro 64 v10 with th Keypad Eur-064. I have managed to configure all 8 onboard zones (imputs), the bell & the keypad. The only issue I am facing is that I now wish to add a PIR using one of the 2 Keypad...
  8. D

    scantronic panel panel reset

    Have a scantronic panel (white panel with 2 screws at the top) with a keypad (929) photo attached. I need to know how to reset it as I cant remember the passcode to do anything with it. Tried earlier and the alarm went off so had to disconnect the sounder. Anyone able to help ?
  9. S

    Pyronix Enforcer Keypad Menu (display blank)

    Exploring my Enforcer I came across the Key Pad Menu.. The menu goes like this: Language Zone Status Keyclick Vol Master Vol Tag ID Factory Reset(----) Backlight Force PA/Fire Timer Address (00) I was trying to factory reset the system so I could set this up from scratch. I entered the...
  10. B

    Accenta G4 alarm - adding panic button

    We have an Accenta G4 alarm system fitted with an LED remote panel installed adjacent to the front door. I was wondering if it was possible to install a Panic Button by wiring directly into the remote keypad, and if so, which terminals would need to be shorted when the button was pressed. I...
  11. D

    Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Keypad Volume

    I have recently had a Pyronix Enforcer alarm installed and have 2 remote keypads, one wired and one wireless. I can change the volume of the wired keypad easily enough by going into the keypad menu, but the wireless keypad has no LCD display, so presumably does not have the same settings...
  12. J

    Eurosec LCD Keypad PR5648 showing squares

    Hi All, I have a Eursosec LCD panel in a tenant's apartment that's showing only grey squares. It used to work fine and I have the arm code. The keypad is in good condition and is lighting up so there's power etc. I'm handy with DIY and electrics a bit, but I am not an alarm engineer. Having a...
  13. T

    Accenta 6 Instructions (with specific keypad)

    Hi, I’m trying to get documentation together for renting a property, but am struggling to find the instructions for the Accenta 6 with the keypad as shown below: I have found plenty of instructions that show a different keypad (think it is the HWLEDKP having searched Amazon for a similar...
  14. Bear2Biker

    ADE Accenta older LCD keypad

    Hi folks, I've currently got an Accenta 8 G3 with 1 remote LED keypad & are upgrading it to a G4 with 3 remote LCD/LED keypads. I managed to get a couple S/H online but one of them seems to be programmable on its own, it had some text already & I've managed to clear that but instructions for...
  15. R

    Yale EF Alarm - arm and disarm by different methods?

    Hello I bought one of the standard Yale EF Alarm Kits (with a remote button keypad, not a digital one) and two key fobs. The alarm kit is this type - Is it the case that if I arm the...
  16. D

    C&K 700l keypad

    Hi there. I rent a property and it has a C&K 700l fitted and the keypad panel has died. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to just straight swap for another identical panel. I have sourced one I just want to know if I'm wasting my time and money. Thanks in advance.
  17. Plasma

    Texecom Premier Elite 64W wireless keypad woes

    I'm reasonably competent with all things electrical / electronic and recently moved in to a new house. I was initially planning to go for a full wired system as the house supposedly had a "first fix for Alarm", long story short the first fix was rubbish and had no where near enough cables for...
  18. PhotographyJosh

    Galaxy MK7 keyprox on G2-20

    Hi, I'm having a problem with one of my keyprox modules (address 1), when I went out earlier on I used it to full set via pin number, when I came home again it wouldn't respond to a fob to unset or accept a pin, subsequently the alarm triggered and had to be unset from a second keypad (address...
  19. P

    Yale EF Alarm - Added a keypad, external siren sounds

    hello I have had an easy fit telephone alarm system fitted for a year now. This week I added a new device....a keypad. Now when I come home and disarm it, the external siren sounds. Internally the alarm doesn't go off and there is no indication on the screen display to note that the alarm has...
  20. D

    Accenta mini G4 keypad silencing

    So I have set up two keypads and two programs (P1 & P2) set. P1 will be used to enter/exit and sets all used zones. P2 is used for nighttime with one PIR disabled and set for silent timed. The 'nighttime' keypad is upstairs in hallway and the idea is that last to bed will set P2. Only thing is...