engineer code

  1. J

    ADE G4 Accenta Engineer code has become invalid

    Hi I recently replaced 4 PIRs on my system for Pet Friendly ones. I put the system in to Engineer mode to prevent any tamper alarms. When I removed the first PIR (Zone 4), I accidentally touched some of the wires together which triggered the alarm. I stopped the alarm by entering User Code...
  2. janieJones123

    Finding out engineer code - Premier 24

    Hi all, I have recently had a system fault reported on my alarm (Telecom Premier 24 Plastic), saying Battery Fault. I've read on here that these are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace yourself (I found this guide also...
  3. A

    Honeywell Galaxy 16plus Engineer Reset Required

    I have recently moved into a house where it has a Honeywell Galaxy 16 plus installed. The message on screen said telecom failure, which we thought was just because our phone line hadn't been installed, but was still there after phone was connected. I assumed that this was there then due to no...
  4. S

    Eurosec CP8L engineer code

    Hi, My guaranty period with the company that did the installation has now ran out. I requested the engineer code which they gave me. 1) Shall I change the engineer code? 2) Would changing the engineer code reset the program? 3)Can the engineer code stop the alarm if it goes off? I am...