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    Texecom adding another ricochet expander

    Hi I’ve got a premier elite 24 and have run out of space on my 8 way expander. I’ve purchased a 32 way expander and would like to add further wireless sensors. Is there Any way to add this in addition to the current expander to save having to reprogram it completely (including the 2 high level...
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    8xp jumper.

    Hi Sorry.. I'm struggling to find info on the 8xp jumper. There isnt any labels on the pcb. Or correct pcb layout in the manual.. its hardware revision 5. The only info on jumpers on expanders is that it's a star or daisy. But as I say it's not labelled. Cheers
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    Texecom Elite 24 32XP-W

    Hi, With a bit of help from the forum, I have my Elite 24 up and running :-). My job for today was to add the Smartcomm module and 32XP-W. The former has gone ok, but I'm stuck at the latter. The panel recognises the expansion module, however, when it searches for the wireless PIR (sitting...
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    Help and questions on setting up wired PIRs to Pyronix Enforcer

    Hi, I have the wireless enforcer with Homecontrol+ App v2.0, and a Euro ZEM8 hardwire expander that I just bought. I have wired a pir DEOL with 4k7 alarm and 2k2 tamper and returned back to the expander. The panel recognises the pir opening and closing the circuit, but there is no response when...