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    Running 22mm plastic pipe through floor slab

    I'm in the process of converting an old bathroom into a bedroom and the heating pipes will need to be moved. The heating pipes have all been done using Buteline PB and I will need to run a length through a floor slab. Current plan is to use JD Speedfit 22mm conduit within a chase in the floor...
  2. M

    Is an expansion tank needed for the heating

    Hi I'm obtaining a few quotes from different local plumbers. Do I need an expansion tank for the heating if the hot water cylinder has internal expansion and does not require one ? I’m looking at having an Ideal Logic Max Heat only 24kw boiler fitted to replace my existing one and a Halo...
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    Replacing boiler from a vented to a sealed system.

    I currently have a Glow Worm Flexicom 24hx condensing boiler (13 years old) on the ground floor and a water tank and vented expansion tank in the loft. My home is a detached chalet style bungalow, ground floor and first floor with a small loft area above. It has 4 bedrooms with around 15...
  4. R

    Composite expansion gaps

    Hi all I installed a 9m x 6m composite decking in my garden. When I installed 18 months ago the expansion gaps were 3mm and perfect. Now they are all uneven (see pic). What should i do to fix this to ensure it doesn't happen again? Any help would be appreciated! :)
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    Cracks in bricks and mortar on 2014 house

    Hi folks First post, and hoping for some advice on two issues (pictures included). We moved into this 2014 built house a year ago; 1) Shortly after moving in we discovered some brickwork under the rear south facing patio doors seems to have shifted out with cracks in the mortar, we think...
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    Maaasive expansion tank

    Hi All I have just moved into a new house in deepest west Wales. It is a recently converted old farm house. It is a modest sized house with about a dozen radiators. The plumbing is relatively quite new (about 10 years). In the corner of our utility room the is an absolutely huge pressure vessel...
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    Laminate expansion gap wooden threshold

    Hi guys n gals, Tackling some laminate, but its the first time iv come across these wooden door thresholds. The carpet has just been laid, so modifying that is a no go. What is the best way to deal with the expansion gap at this end? They are at the door between bedroom and hallway, but also...
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    Boiler Flue Causing Soffit Expansion and noise

    Wondering if there are any solutions to prevent the heat from this flue causing the soffit (and facia) above it from expanding and contracting and therefore making a ticking type noise. I was thinking a sheet of aluminium or similar to deflect the heat?
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    UFH needs expansion vessel

    IMG_20201025_164001 by AndyCW62 posted 29 Oct 2020 at 9:37 AM I installed this UFH system 15 years ago. Sorry about the embarrassing pipework. But it's worked all this time, although it has a leak somewhere so has to be re-pressurised every month. I want to fix this, so I'm looking for obvious...
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    Thermal expansion noises in dormer cladding

    We had a full width dormer extension built earlier this year which has dark grey cladding and a flat rubber roof. On warm sunny mornings there's lots of cracking noises as something expands. It responds very quickly to the sun coming out and the will be a cracking noise every few seconds a...
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    T&G Shiplap Vertical

    I've bought some T&G Shiplap cladding for my garden room. The intention was to mount it horizontaly but I think it would look way better vertical. Can anyone see any issues with that? I will counter batten to create an air gap, and I have installed a breathable membrane over the OSB sheathing...
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    Composite decking expansion gaps

    For anyone that has installed composite decking... What expansion gaps do you leave and does it depend on what temperature you are installing them in on that day?
  13. D

    Click vinyl - is it easy to put down etc

    I don't mind removing the door architraves etc to put it down. Is an underlay of some kind always necessary (am trying not to raise finished surface up too much). How much expansion space needed along edges of a 3x2m room? (room is currently without skirting) Once down, if I remove a...