flexi hose

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    Help fitting new tap

    Hello, Im having a bit of an issue installing a new tap, the new tap is 15mm flexi and the existing piping is 10mm, I have bought a 10-15mm compressor but I cannot remove the old one from the pipe so I’m a bit stuck. I’m trying to find the same reducer to just fit the new compressor onto but I...
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    Install 3 way water filter tap

    Hi I just purchased a 3 way tap that came with 1/2" flexi hoses for each of the 3 holes. 1 hose is for the hot water and 1 is for the cold water. The 3rd one is for the filtered water. I am using an undersink water filter system that connects to a tap via a 1/4" plastic tubing. How on earth do...
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    Flexible EPDM hoses specifically made for central heating

    I know there are tons of questions from people asking whether they can use flexible tap connectors for central heating. To which the answer is always no. The reason why I am looking into flexible hosing is that my pipes knock. That's fine by itself as the noise from the pipes is muffled by the...
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    Bath taps + flexi hose with valve

    Morning all, Very simple plumbing question but I'm getting lost in all the available fittings,etc. What Would be the easiest way to swap out the taps and pipe in this setup for a new tap, flexi hose with valve?