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27 Apr 2020
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United Kingdom

Im having a bit of an issue installing a new tap, the new tap is 15mm flexi and the existing piping is 10mm, I have bought a 10-15mm compressor but I cannot remove the old one from the pipe so I’m a bit stuck.

I’m trying to find the same reducer to just fit the new compressor onto but I can’t seem to find the one I need, any ideas?


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Assuming you want to remove the compression fitting from the white plastic reducer (last picture), then:
1. Hold the small brass hexagon with one spanner.
2. Undo the large brass compression nut with another spanner.
You may well find the compression end of your new fitting will fit the existing brass compression nut. If so, wraps 4 or 5 turns of PTFE tape round the olive on the white plastic and use the old nut. If not, remove the olive from the white plastic and fit the olive and compression nut from the new brass fitting.

To remove the olive:
a. Grip it with a pair of grips and turn it backwards and forwards on the white plastic, while gradually pulling it off. OR
b. Cut most of the way through the olive at a diagonal, then snap it with a large screwdriver in the slot so formed. Make sure you don't nick the white plastic with the saw. OR
c. Use an olive puller or an olive cutter to remove it.
Thank you for the replies, I’ve tried to prise them apart but the wrench looses grip every time, I was trying with two wrenches.

I will order some locking grips and try that, any recommendations?
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Yep, get a pair of vise (mole ) grips. Grab and lock the centre section with the grips and then loosen the bottom nut anticlockwise.
All sorted thank you, vice grips were the ones to crack it!

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