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    Is it possible to cut bath panels without ruining them?

    2100 wall to take 1800 bath/shower. I'm putting studs using bathroom boards at each end to bring the 2100 down to 1800ish (just over), but the stud at the taps end will cover that whole wall to lose the pipework for new sink/toilet also. The face of the tiles infringing on the plan/footprint of...
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    Mystery Sewer Gas Smell after Extension

    Hi, new poster hoping someone might be able to help me with an issue that has me at the end of my tether! For almost a year we have been experiencing intermittent sewer gas smell in our house. 2 years ago we had a rear extension done, including a downstairs WC, which involved re-routing some of...
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    Septic Tank and Foul/Rain water mixing

    Hi, I have a septic tank and I found out my rain water and foul mix and end up in the same tank/drains. This has always been the case since I bought the property 7 years ago and since the drains were put in when the property was built. I've heard they shouldn't mix, however I bought the house...