front door

  1. R

    Is my front door locking system secure?

    Hi all, Hoping to get some more expert opinions on whether the front-door multi-point locking system is secure in my new house, as something appeared off with me. I still need to replace the euro cylinder within, however, when turning the key the multi-point locking system doesn't seem to...
  2. wanderlywagon

    How to finish laminate flooring at front door?

    I'm thinking of laying laminate in my hallway but am unsure about how to finish it off at the front door. It's a palladio door and there are little curved bits between the main door and the side panels which makes it a bit more awkward. Any ideas?
  3. R

    Does this need filler or just sandpaper before I paint and varnish?

    Bottom of front door has had varnish worn away. The wood seems hard enough but on the fixed threshold bit there are grooves. Can this be filled with filler before painting? Or would appropriate paint be enough after sandpapering? I'm not a DIYer but money is tight at the moment so I'm hoping...
  4. M

    Solidor composite front door

    Hi, I'm looking to have a local company purchase and install a composite front door and they use Solidor and Door-Stop. They recommend Solidor over Door-Stop but the Google reviews look atrocious for Solidor with so many complaints (114 reviews and around sixty of them giving 1 star very bad...
  5. L

    Front door always leaves wet patches

    I’ve lived in my property for years and due to financial difficulties I haven’t managed to sought a carpet for my doorway/stairs! I know have carpet and laminate which I’m slowly working on fitting but my concern is; My front door leaves wet patches especially when the weather is really bad...
  6. C

    untidy glazing seal in old wooden door.

    I recently had new glazing fitted in the front door and it's surround. The joins between the glass and the wooden frames are uneven and bumpy. Should I use caulk, then paint over it, or wood filler? Glazing sealant? Thanks for your advice
  7. L

    Sikkens recoat/maintenance

    Hi, I have a front door which was painted with a light oak coloured Sikkens 7 product around 4 years ago. It still looks great, however there are a few scratches and chips that I'd like to sort - but I thought I may as well stain the full door and frame. So - which Sikkens product should I...
  8. A

    Front door cil/ laminate floor - gap

    Hi guys when my new laminate floor was fitted, it seems there’s now a gap between the cil of the front door and the new laminate in the hallway that meets it. See photo below - is something missing? Any suggestions on items to disguise this please would be super - I tried covering it up with a...
  9. O

    New door sill needed?

    Hi, Currently looking to move my front door, as you can see from the picture the original door is set back giving an open porch under the house. It’ll be set back slightly in that opening, which has now been narrowed to suit a standards door width. Question is, does it need a plastic...
  10. D

    condensation on threshold

    Hi could any one advise me how to fix the condensation on my threshold and drips down onto floor
  11. B

    uPVC door not sealing unless handle is pulled up

    Ive recently bought a new house, initially the front door had no seal on the actual door so we got some seal and fitted it, problem solved? No. So the front door doesn’t seal properly unless the handle is pulled up and even then I’m sure it still lets a draft in, the handle isn’t still to pull...
  12. bettz1

    Black Composite front door faded

    Hi our black composite front door has faded we had a bird pop on it so I used cleaning wipes to clean the door and its caused the door to lose its shine/fade in the areas I've wiped Any idea how to get the shine back?
  13. L

    Am I being too fussy? Joiners / carpenters advice please

    Apologies if it's not the right place to post it but I need some expert opinion please. I am having a few things done on our house which is being fully refurbished. I needed a joiner for a new front door/frame, 5 inside doors to realign (were hung by me previously), door furniture for 6 doors, 3...
  14. eveares

    Front door back-to-front?

    Just had a new stylish oak front door fitted and the beading for the windows is on the outside. Is this right as it seems a bit odd despite the supplier saying it is ok and that it has been fitted correctly. Door also has "face" stickers on the outside of the glass. See pictures below...