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    Rainwater Ingress Via Front Door?

    The Problem I've got an issue whereby water is getting into my house whenever there is moderate-heavy rain. This is a new build from 2015 (maybe that's not so new now...) I suspect it is coming in via the front door, but there is no visual evidence of water ingress anywhere - however, walking...
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    Is it possible to turn this house front into brick?

    Hi, is anyone able to tell me if it is possible to make the front of this house brick please? If so, what would the process be called and if anyone has any budget range estimates that would also be great. Thank you
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    Solidor composite front door

    Hi, I'm looking to have a local company purchase and install a composite front door and they use Solidor and Door-Stop. They recommend Solidor over Door-Stop but the Google reviews look atrocious for Solidor with so many complaints (114 reviews and around sixty of them giving 1 star very bad...
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    Filler on external front door

    Hi all, I'm planning to refinish my front door with sikkens 7. Before I start I want to fill some gaps in it to prevent drafts and water ingress. There is sone kind of silicone already in place, which blends in really well, any idea what it might be? Check the pictures out for a better...
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    Front door removed: what type of blocks do I use to tie in.

    48" front door removed, that wall is now internal. The outer leaf was conc. and the inner leaf is breeze. As I need a conventional internal door there now, does it make much difference if I narrow the doorway using Celcons, or should I stick to conc. Thanks, Dain
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    Are roll front and square edge worktops different depths?

    If a 600 deep (30thk) worktop or sit-on sink have a roll front, then this means that they actually measure up as 615 deep, because of the radius, right? Thank you, Dain